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Insurance fifteen minutes away from the National Football League your National Football League once again turning a blind eye to a problem that comes to eight in about fifteen minutes always reach is on the phone a triple eight say ESPN eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six game for the American League Championship Series rained out between the Astros in the Yankees nothing else is going also between some ball football on ESPN two Atlanta Braves the New York Knicks on ESPN and Chicago medical whatever that is on NBC that's what I got on the TV's right here in the studios here at the worldwide leader in sports in Bristol Connecticut right it it's one where you and I were just talking there's so much going on it in the realm of sports by live right now no it's it's jags in Troy that take might they take the south Alabama and Troy in college football so which I don't even know was being played tonight or else I would I would have fired a wager which is shocking because usually you're the one to tell me about games involving Max in on a Wednesday was son both on the west the fact is I do about this that's why all hell has broken lose what we got Chicago mental my TV instead of in it LCS game for the Yankees announcer I would have taken the fourteen from south Alabama they might have known so it will be if I saved myself a little coin by not being knowing this game was on which means I could not play this particular game but I definitely slipping in your old age I'm getting so all I do you walk back to my kitchen for those you don't know I do not do the show from my studio in my house in Dallas fourteen I real time yeah we get to see each other with the states he gives mo whatever they face time with their fans about ten years there you go there's no delay which is amazing yeah none by that so what I'm I left my hat in the kitchen that rose got cooking dinner and I said the hell with it so here you are you like I haven't seen you without a hat on I have never see that here in your head ever in all the years that I was not here so that that is true that it anytime you talk kinetic you to do so you always keep the hat on I've never see out of a pair of boots you always get your boots on it can be hard to bad breath outside and you got boots on with jeans that's true it outs that before February when I write but when I got cut on yes you are one hundred percent thank you on on that one the only time you see me without a hat on is when the damn sky cam catches my bald spot right college game that is zero that's it but that's more humor than actual days the film's content it really is even if it's in the Freddie Coleman of Freddie effort Simmons on ESPN radio I do believe this even though we're gonna have the LCS game for that was postponed tonight is going to be played tomorrow I'm a firm believer that whoever wins game four is going to win the American League Championship Series not pick the Yankees to win a six I'm not going to back up that prediction I believe the Yankees under are going to win game four and win this series in six but I will say this whoever is going to be benefitted by the day off maybe believes the Astros so we believe is the Yankees I believe that that's going to recharge the Yankees because the Astros are the better team tip the toll the Yankees have already given them their best shot the actors have not given the Yankees their best shot and they're of two games to one that would be my mindset if on the Yankees and I think a man we're down to one and that team has a play the capability yet we better get out you know what a year and I believe they're going to do that again for and what of winning the series even if the yanks win in game four I still think the Astros win the series because game seven is where in Houston AT yep and when it comes down to starting pitching we all know pitching wins in the post season that's a massive advantage to the Astros they've got horses on the hill especially two of them in a very lander and coal in Greek you know was hacked off about the way you just performed I and what is it to me that's not change because he has never had any postseason success anyway as Berliner Burnett is a lot better Posies existing Greek you great ideas going up all over himself a lot in the post season are you gonna have to face very lander and Cole again they're they're up to one Berliner coal you have to face them each again that equals four winds even a great he loses tomorrow night I've got the Astros because of starting pitching in the yanks their long relievers now when we start calling them leverage relievers went when did that happen well you know you got a pad that before somebody steals it it takes for their own come on I do know the business we work you have to put something out there somebody would say they came out with their first and then you don't have it anymore but their long relievers haven't thrown three straight days all season if you get the four you get to game seven you're going to have to have at least two of them go in game seven and they haven't done it so meeting going one two three four at least three in four days hasn't happened so to me this is a not a massive advantage the Astros but I think it is an advantage because of starting pitching and pitching wins in the postseason al lighter Major League Baseball annals of three time World Series champion was a goal that can we go on Wednesday and he gave his take on which team is going to benefit from having a rained out and we can have game for game five games six and seven played in consecutive days I would think it would be Houston I think you can now push Gretzky back to going back to Houston I would bring Berlin back on what would be Friday game five so now there would be an off day the reason why I say that is that you you now will have for four consecutive games you you can't take advantage of the off day and which of these teams uses their bill dole pen more and if the Yankees and as Erin bloom should because they have exceptional they have a lot of really good guys coming out of the pen is a lot of mix and match it and that's what they do but we'll use you know six or seven or eight relievers in in a postseason game and that's that's kind of the context of what we're seeing now in the post season and if you do it the best no matter what you believe who's going to pay to have a day off even the Jews baseball's are going to benefit from a day off come on now we're all not stupid of course the baseball have been different in the post season Major League Baseball been playing it up if it's image with their did now everything's the same we don't know what you guys are saying don't put these conspiracy theories out there deep down inside the light yeah we know the baseball the different I firmly believe this the baseball all the way they've been any continues that way if you're majorly baseball why not carry that over to the regular season to me the playoffs have been better without home with Conti flying out of the park because this is so there's more action on the basepaths there's more action in the field it's not just home want to swing a miss home run swing of it is actually been enjoyable baseball relatively considering more than what we've seen in regular season and a previous post season how many times did you when I talk about this during the summer that I really got away from the great game of baseball and I'm a Die Hard cubs thing going back to nineteen eighty three when my mom decided races as cubs fans and I want to kick in the teeth for a Lotta years until until you realize in your.

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