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I guess you which is a bad person i had no idea the fabulous moolah was was a terrible person i dislike her and the girls just wanna have fun video i just have to ban public heard that was awkward my goodness gracious people love that stuff though i love it like i'm watching it i never like something going on i got really turn train wreck turn off turned it up i couldn't do for thirty seconds i can't do not have the ability to go back in time now that is outstanding let me go see jesus they'd be big go they're ready to check out see what's gone i don't know but what do you want to do play along i never said that i said how she went there just being angry frankie ought to be angry all day and damning you're not going to make me smile where's avery schreiber make me laugh i don't know five o'clock hour hank show let's go to joyce about five thirty something weird going on with mark milansan so we'll give you the latest on that will reset what's going on with giants gets worse stuff i'll get hit you with and then at six o'clock final game of spring training at and t park as and giants for that no the the trophy is that's just a regular season trophy not a not a yeah exhibition thing all.

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