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Doesn't he just gets them ready to go only he's like those salts that that if l players have this melon salt smelling salts he has on on the regular just ready to rock then you old zito who's a utility ban who setting up things and also adding but we just the the things we should have blocked is a big job for something else i'm editing fulltime over figure it out because i remember when they called and they were like yeah can you do things you you should have blog without vitamins we were like it was kind of a vitamin show the purpose of the show really yeah maybe we moved to denver to the show from jeopardy without the questions how about things we we shouldn't ball this show and that's it things that aren't real no just home it isn't real just tell the tell the companies that it isn't real all you gotta do just tell them there's plenty we vitamin friendly companies you have not to mention it's show business go when barstool heartland is you'd name of your company and like a potential conservative companies wanna get involved with barstool but the new york office is really their thing there's another landing spot in the seems to be the one that's in the middle of the country in the people that i think our own those companies i don't think there for the gone i don't think so easy salad that you guys.

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