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It's a show that focuses on doctor what you do. They are the institute. But it's also who you are. And I've learned this over a couple of years with you restoring health. Naturally, you're in You say the health care business versus the disease care business can explain that. Yeah. Yes, We were raised in the society where we consider health as being the absence of symptoms. And so our whole healthcare system is all about identifying and attacking, trying to get rid of things. The problem with it is this with chronic illnesses and chronic disease syndromes quite often, they can get rid of it. It becomes more of a containment approach. And, thankfully so I mean, let's let's take Morgan, get But it doesn't doesn't correct the underlying cause. No health care is a different story. It's really not about a diet, identifying, labeling and attacking. It's all about looking at control systems within the body. What's working what's not working? Why is it not working? What will change if we get it? Working? So not since I've become impatient with you. I've met. I got its think probably had a casual basis. 30 people in the welcome center. They are the institute where I get the free water. You always have the high a high class of water from the Zeeland. I've also met people heard the radio station was recorded. As with them. There's a commonality that I find that people go in for one core issue that Michael and safer fibromyalgia in the case. My case I wanted for joint pain with the commonality is other symptoms. Start to go away right? Like my joint pain went away when you worked with me really gentle, noninvasive care. But then I realized my headaches were gone and I didn't have Siad Icka. So I can explain that dynamic because I think that that is maybe even makes people feel a little skeptical that wait one treatment that all those things. Well, that's the core of our health care approach. Health care approach is not about eliminating this or eliminating that But about getting that body to function in a much higher level at a much better level on and in so doing than many other things that you perhaps want, aware of all you will wear that they weren't working as well as they did 10 years ago. Suddenly they start kicking in. They stopped working, stopped sleeping better. You have more energy on that's different for each person. Each person has their own story on that. It's the institute doctor are the You shared something with me about our spot? Of course. He shared something with me. That's just made it remarkable for me When I think about what you do If I were to say to you is hard to skip every third word in a sentence. It's gobbledygook. It doesn't make any sense to anybody. You can't communicate that way. And I couldn understood that our bodies, our brains can somehow be impacted in being able to send healing signals. You explain that so much better than I do, because you're actually a doctor, and I'm not so you can you talk about that? Well, the body's default setting is to heal itself. It really wants to heal itself. It's trying to heal itself. So if you're searching for health or solution to a problem, it's simply a matter of finding out why it's not happening. Why it's not occurring. Now you'll find that the brain and the body are connected. There's a brain body connection. And it creates systems that control and coordinate and enable them facilitate the body to heal. And in fact, that happens thousands of times every day in our lives. We're not even worried about it until one minor or maybe not so mine instance. It doesn't work anymore. It doesn't seem to be happening, and that's where our concern gets. That's what we start focusing on. But the truth of it is where what we do is tapping into a system that's working just fine most of our lives and for most parts of how day it's just this short times that it doesn't that we start having problems. I've explained it to people saying what happens if the brain body connection is severed? It's really really bad news, right? But if it's impacted, it's not. It's not great, either. So I guess when people get focusing a symptom, I guess I hear you saying that doctors sometimes people who are in the disease care business, you come in, and you've got sad a car or acid reflux. So that's OK. Well, let's fix the acid reflux. Correct. Now, this set sometimes take on the characteristics of buffering the symptoms or kind of are making it so that you don't feel the symptoms is that sort of disease care as well? Well, often it is. It's like, you know, take a painkiller because you got a pain. What's the painkiller to it doesn't fix the cause of the pain. Pain is the body's way of saying, Hey, Something's not right. We're looking for help here and you cut the signal off so you don't feel it anymore. That's somewhat. The same is as turning the fire alarm off when it goes off rather than putting the fire out. You see and example used acid reflux. I mean, there are many modalities that have been developed to try and deal with acid reflux. But while they give temporary relief, they don't generally give long term correction, right. And so I want to explain. This is a princess and the pea syndrome right that you the book, The Princess and the pea. Forgot who the princess is by Who can feel the pea under a stack of mattresses s O the medicine and the surgeries that's just kind of stacking mattresses, sometimes, right? Okay, Still there it is eventually gonna bug you Exactly Look, drugs and surgery safe lives. At times. We need it. But it's probably not the first thing that you want to go to. And in the end the vast majority the patients I see coming into my office with a last resort. They've tried everything else, and it doesn't work and it kind of okay. We'll give you a shot at it, you know, and I've even had those come in. I mean, I've had spouses very recently bring the wife and the spouse wanted them to do what we did. And she just She tried so many things that have failed so much. She didn't want to do it. Somehow. He got her to try us. She's doing much better now. Yeah, that changed a complete turnaround or attitude. Yeah, I've I've encountered that a lot of people wait to that last second, so don't mean get in. If you tried to the things of pills in the surgery, stop, right go get to the core, the brain body connection. Yes, Look, I've been a patient of Dr Yardley's for years and my side It is gone. My joint pains gone. Let's get these headaches. They're gone. I don't get him anymore. But don't wait. Find.

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