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Faithful execution of the office. And so. The grounds here to remove Donald Trump are overwhelming what they're isn't is the political support to do. So because we have a bunch of cowards in the US Senate who are unwilling to do what they know to be right for fear of losing their jobs, and all I can say to you is if after a million people died for this country, you won't do your duty because you might be voted out in the primary. You don't deserve to hold any public office. Well, said David and you talk about Trump derangement syndrome. I'm recalling the Yahoo finance survey monkey poll from over two years ago before the two thousand sixteen election, even took place that poll found that eleven percent of Republicans thought it would be appropriate appropriate. If Russia interfered in the two thousand sixteen election to help Trump and Republicans win and not only that another twenty nine percent said it would be inappropriate. But no big deal. If they did. In other words, forty percent of Republicans thought it would be just. Just fine. If Russia interfered on our election and eleven percent of them aren't just okay with it. They think it's the right thing to do. And I'll bet you those same Trump fans thinks it's just fine. The Trump has done nothing to stop Russia or any other enemy country from interfering in next year's election. And we'll have no problem when they do. But yeah, it's we tarts who suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. Right. And then there was Rudy Guliani remarked this week or as he will heretofore forever. Be remembered read Rudy. It doesn't wrong taken information from Russians. There's nothing wrong with taking where it came from. It depends on where it came from. It depends on where it came from Rudy. It came from Russian military intelligence there under the command of and take orders only from flat, Amir Poten. And you know, there was a time in this country. When the only party that would have said something like that was the communist party. But then again, what would you expect from Trump supporters who wore t shirts to his stupid rallies that said I'd rather be a Russian than a democrat. But yeah, it's we love tards who are Kombi pinkos, right? But you know, that, you know, the most amazing unspoken element of what Rudy just said. And you're not gonna hear this from one person in your media, or maybe even the mainstream media Rudy unwittingly, just exposed your media's deep state silent coup conspiracy theory for exactly that consider one integral part of that theory is it was Hillary the colluded with the Russians which she didn't nor did she agree to take a meeting with Russians to get dirt on Trump from the Russian friggin government. But that aside even if she had which again, she didn't by Rudy now say what they get information from Russians that blows your media's narrative that it was Hillary who colluded right out the water. But you're media will just keep repeating that lot. Oh, it was Hillary the colluded with Russia and. No, one will be the wiser except those who listen to the show, you no longer have any excuse to Perritt this false and dishonest narrative, you will. But at least you'll know you're lying, which I suspect will cause you exactly zero sleepless nights, am I right close. What I do. And that brings us to the topic of the week impeachment and tell you let's pretend nothing Russia-related occurred. Just for one thing we learned this week. Donald Trump should be impeached in the months before she quote, unquote resigned. So she could spend more time separating family homeland top security official Kirsten Neilsen tried to focus Donald Trump's attention on Russian interference in our twenty twenty election. The result Trump's chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, told her that Trump still acquainted. Any public discussion of malign Russian activity with questions about his legitimacy. Nielsen eventually gave up on her effort to organize a White House meeting of cabinet secretaries to coordinate a strategy to protect next year's election. As a result. The issue didn't gain any sense of urgency and Trump has done nothing to prevent further Russian interference. Now, our intelligence community is doing what they can to prevent another attack. But the reality is they're getting less than zero leadership or guidance from the lighthouse because of Donald Trump's giant fragile insecure snowflake pathetic ego. Yeah. Dear leader's ego over national security, and you still support this guy. And you still call yourselves patriots. Who love this country, and like to say, the GOP is a political party of national security. One of these are lives. You're not patriots. You don't love this country. You're in a cult whereby dear leader, Donald Applewhite. Manson Hubbard caresses, sensitivities overrule and are more important than the safety of this nation. Here's still honorable conservative Republican, Charlie Sykes. This is like FDR after Pearl Harbor saying, I don't want to hear about the Japanese. Don't talk to be about the Japanese war. The Germans look this is a part of the of the Buller that I'm glad it's getting attention. I was overlook the voluminous documentation of the extent and the scope of the Russian attack, and it's not over. This is not looking just to the path it is ongoing and given the return on investment of their interference in two thousand sixteen election. What what going to see next year, maybe even broader and more dramatic. So is this president is this president going to do anything about it? He's going to mobilize. This government could protect our democracy. And I think this is something that congress really asked to look into because you know, I get the the focus on the obstruction of Justice, which I think is important, you know, and the coordination with the Trump campaign, but the reality is there is no doubt this country was attack. Is under attack and will be attack and the president doesn't want to hear about it. That's a problem. Donald Trump's deepen security is so profound you're not even allowed to whisper Russian interference in his holy presence in order to protect this country's democracy. Oh, yeah. He really loves this country, doesn't he? Again, for the upkeep time for those so slow of with as to not have picked up on this yet, Donald Trump cares for one thing and one thing only, and it isn't this country's national security, or it's democracy. It is Donald Trump and anyone so dimwitted to not see that yet. I'm sorry. You are just too stupid and blind to waste even one precious nanosecond on for this and this alone. Donald Trump should be impeached. He took an oath to protect this country and has done anything, but he is not fit to be the leader of this country. He's done nothing to protect us from further attacks because his massive ego won't allow him to even hear about the attack. What a week simpering worthless and treasonous old full. One of the first things John Bolton did a upon becoming Trump's national security advisor was eliminate the position of cybersecurity coordinator, do you think he did that on his own? Oh, and you know, the excuse they gave they were streamlining downsizing the government. Yeah. And open the opening the door to real evil governments like Russia, China and North Korea. And even before that the very first time he called the constitutionally protected free press the enemy of the American people. He should have been impeached. He took an oath to uphold the constitution by attacking the constitutionally protected free press for reporting the truth about him. He was violating the first amendment of the constitution. He is not fit to lead this country. When he treasonously took Vladimir Putin's word over his own intelligence community in Helsinki. He should have been impeached when he made his to ban protests. He should have been impeached. But at every step along the way, Democrats weekly pointed the fingers and rightly condemned Trump's anti-americanism, but did nothing. And as a result, we have watched Trump escalate his criminal behavior because there's been no consequences. But this week this week Trump seem to willingly hurry his own path to impeachment between him and his stooge attorney general telling government officials to break the law and a g- nor subpoenas and Trump suing congress to prevent them from doing the constitutional duty of oversight. Well, this is. Ridiculous. We have been been the most transparent president and administration in the history of our country by far. But what fighting the Safina's these are like impartial people. Of course. They're not impartial..

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