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Uh, this is this is that's an interesting dynamic. They don't think we're talking about enough. But there's elements of that happening anyway. Forget about the trade for James Harden every night, then that's Are given up. Oddly, their defensive efficiency rating is actually okay. Yeah, pretty good. But if you look up, certainly recently, I mean, you know that Buck 40 game with the Hawks every night there gives giving up a boatload of points here and They don't seem to have deviated to Mike. It almost seems like while Steve Nash is the head coach, it seems like it's a damn Tony. Take their words You're going at Where you at Jack Vaughn? Yeah. Was that supposed to be probably pissed? He got passed over saying I'm not gonna do my job access. You'll just pay him and let's sit over here in the cold. Got to be isolated. Anyways. I can't coach you. Yeah, he's got he's got too much pride for that. I don't By the way, he would he I don't. Maybe he would have been the answer. I don't think he would have been the answer. Much like I don't necessarily think Steve Nash is the answer for this group because it's kind of unfair right to Steve Nash listen to one of two ways there are to other coaches sitting around, some of whom might be watching the show, saying And I know what these guys they're saying that there's travails and there's issues and the pitfalls that that come with dealing with large egos and monsters, bank accounts and overflowing Toolboxes of talent. That's undeniable. But there's a boatload of coaches who coached a bunch of scrubs. That's good, who got fired quickly. Granted, they collected every penny because it's guaranteed. But they never had a chance to go to the dance with the prettiest looking one. If you know what I mean. I think everybody would love to listen. I know I'll give you exactly Remember what I was doing local radio and it bothered me. We had some great shows we had. I had a great show and we had a good station. We had the worst signal in the world. Nobody could hear us and bothered me so much because I'm saying, man, we are pumping out good stuff and nobody can hear us. It's not that different than a coach that back saying, man. My concepts of good were disciplined and were buttoned up and we're prepared and advance Scouting is on point. But, jeez, we just don't have the horses. You want the horses, but you got you got to know when and lead him back into the stable. That's the challenge for Steve Nash. It's a high level problem. Only it is the on Lee problem. I see. And I hate going back to Kyrie every time but I'm not worried about Cady and not even worried about James Harden right now. Tyree Irving by not responding And this is the start of the whole absence with Kyrie for those who forgot or might not know real quick. He. The belief is that he informed certainly his teammates that he wasn't showing up that night, the first game and the ensuing games, right? Steve Nash found out 30 minutes before he met the media before the game. Steve Nash texted carry Irving Carrie did not text back by the time Steve Nash was about to meet the virtual reporting scrum. Okay, that's bad enough. Post game 2.5 hour later. Um it's now 10 o'clock at night. Carrie still didn't respond to Steve Nash, which I can on Lee. You know, ascertain on some level you have to believe this. We're little deduce. That Kyrie Irving doesn't really respect Steve Nash. How can you say that He respects Steve Nash unless he's publicly disrespected him. So to me, the on Lee issue, not tell depth is an issue defense could be an issue. But the real issue could be if things ain't flowing Tyree's way. Unhappy. Carry emerges if car even comes back, which I think you're right. I think he will. I mean out of the carry. Irving respects Devesh, and it goes back to the first statement. We don't really have a head Coach do is David Steve Nash. It's a collaborative effort not really used to coach. You know you're the super store. We get it, but he's the coach. So if this thing goes sideways, it will be Kyrie who Who puts it that way. In my opinion, Do you believe that? That's unfair? No, it's not unfair. It all, especially because Carrie is currently not with the team going on team. These band getting paid $33 million or more to be a part of Now. Here's a question for you. Um, let's say, Carrie now he's not playing tonight against the Knicks. We know this didn't play last night against Denver. Yep. The thought is that he will not play. Over the week. I think of the weekend at least right? Yep. That's what I was going to say that the report is probably through the weekend. I mean, when he comes back if he comes back is he immediately embraced I think you will, because of Kevin Durant again included. This whole thing is, we said earlier. Beauty is Katie. But how do we know Katie's not pissed off privately? How do we know that we don't? We don't. But He's sitting there saying, Hey, structure, my killers. I could go back to back against the next to that. Even if he is he's not gonna talk about it. I'm gonna publicize, you know? No, but that doesn't mean that they can't impact how he feels about Kyrie Private. You know, I'm back in. You know, I think I think Katie is just he's one of the chilis dudes. You know, he gets emotional about things. He's really chill. Yeah, I tend to agree with that. He's very, very mellow. Very even. Um, very, uh Is measured. He's very predictable in here in his person in the good way. He's not erratic. No, it's all right. You know, he's so I think that allows him to handle a situation like this a little bit better than some other. Some other stars would. Yeah, yeah, You're probably right, all right. All right, Uh, what we got here that we might do? We land anybody, You know, I don't even know what we have here. D So what do we have? I came my slack just froze up. What we got coming up. Nobody. That's what he just told me. More harden for James R. I mean it's conceivable. You won't see a bigger trade. And I mean the MBA. You never know. Uh but not this year, say, could be 56 years behind me, James Harden's and all time score. So what is prime so we'll roll this a little bit more taking and charity on a on a very newsy Wednesday, CBS Sports Radio. This is Tiki and Tierney on CBS.

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