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And the man is about to say yeah let everybody listens. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time coming in the cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's and magic nation. The theater of the mind this is classic radio theatre wanted to get away from it all the fbi and peace and are among the unexpected. The unexpected unexpected. Now here's your host wyatt. Graham western adventure. Jeff chandler and wade crosby starring in frontier town from sixty eight years ago today february thirteenth nineteen fifty-three all trails lead to trouble. And we thank you for tuning. In on this saturday the thirteenth day of february yes friday the thirteenth felon the saturday this month. It is the forty fourth day of twenty twenty one three hundred twenty one days remaining in the year jesse james in his gang committed the first armed bank robbery in us history during peacetime in liberty missouri on this date in eighteen sixty six in eighteen ninety nine tallahassee florida recording. It's all time coldest temperature of minus two degrees two degrees below zero in new york city. Ask cap the american society of composers authors and publishers established to protect copyrighted musical compositions of its members back in one thousand nine hundred fourteen in one thousand nine hundred twenty. The negro national league formed in one thousand nine hundred ninety five a jury in flemington new jersey found bruno hoffmann guilty of the nineteen thirty two kidnapping and murder of the lindbergh baby. The son of charles lindbergh in one thousand nine hundred seventy one back by american and artillery support south vietnamese troops invaded laos on this date. In one thousand nine hundred. Seventy two greece opened on broadway and in the movies cabaret was released in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy four soviet dissident alexander solta neeson's stripped of his soviet citizenship and departed from russia in interview. He spoke up democracy for his homeland. Democrats say that democracy at its end at all. But what i did say there's a decline in the will and the self confidence and my purpose of the wall is somehow to inspire them inspire. There will make their will more self-confident more firm now in one thousand nine hundred ninety. His soviet citizenship was restored in one thousand nine hundred ninety four. He returned to russia with his wife. Natalia who had become a us citizen he passed away of heart failure in two thousand eight. A fire erupted in the world trade center in new york city on the state in nineteen seventy five in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. A bomb exploded in a refuse truck outside the hilton hotel in sydney australia. Killing two garbage collectors and a policeman the intense february thirteenth hundred seventy nine windstorm struck western washington and sunk a one half mile long section of the hood canal bridge in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. Two laser guided smart bombs destroyed a bunker in baghdad. The bunker being used as a military communication outpost and unknown to allied forces a shelter for iraqi civilians in nineteen ninety. Seven tuneup and repair work on. The hubble space telescope was started by astronauts from the space shuttle discovery. It was twenty one years ago today. The last original peanuts comicstrip appeared in newspapers. It was one day after charles. Schulz died an earthquake measuring six point. Six on the richter scale hit el salvador on this date in two thousand one killing at least four hundred. It really truly is horrific. If you see the conditions that these people are in and to have this sort of fear put in them. Again is a very debilitating thing i know right now. The red cross is looking for more people to come in to be able to help with mental health issues. Just getting people you know trying to think positively and realize that things may be okay and in two thousand four. The harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics announced the discovery of the universe's largest known diamond white dwarf star astronomers name this star lucy after the beatles song lucy in the sky with diamonds passing away on this date in history composer wagner soprano lily. Pons actor david johnson. Best known as the original star of the fugitive actor. Martin balsam musician waylon jennings and pro bowler. Dick weber man whom i admired greatly. I thought he was just an a magnificent bowler born on this date in history Harry truman's wife best. Truman former first lady painter grant wood musician. Tennessee ernie ford. The man who for six fifty six years coached grambling university. Eddie robinson pilot and nasa official chuck yeager who died just last year at the age of ninety seven. The mcguire sisters. Dorothy mcguire actor. Oliver reed peter tork of the monkeys born on this date game. Show host geoff edwards wonderful an amazing personality and musician king. Floyd this is the birthday number hundred eight for actress. Kim novak george seagal turns eighty seven the star of the sequels of walking tall. He also made his mark in the tv show. Called here come. The brides boasts svenson eighty years of aids from greece. And the west wing. Stockard channing said look at me. I'm sandra dee. Seventy seven years old. Today is stockard channing. Jerry springer seventy seven today genesis. Peter gabriel is seventy one actor singer. David naughton sixty nine. His big disco hit making it. Play that on the radio if you can believe it that tells you how old i am. And how long ago was that. I was a disc jockey Denise austin feigned fitness expert sixty four years of age today musician. Henry rollins is sixty and from nash bridges and arrow kelly. Who is fifty three though. Some of the people who celebrate the.

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