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Yeah and you know what ben it's important to note at blue to essentially has the same signal as a cellphone so when it comes to frequency doesn't have the same power so considerate is the same kind of signal is a microwave radiation signal so he people need to understand bluetooth is the name of the technology is just it just means usually in may be lower power so it is just so the same any so if latouche can harm your your red blood cells and can change the viscosity of your blood in certain studies well probably bluetooth could well bluetooth and wi fi and smartphones and smart meters and cell towers the each amid the same kind of radiation so it's all to become sidered i think the one thing you want to think about is your accumulative overall exposure just like you would with chemicals so how can you reduce your exposure as ss you you can one step that i took in again say got an it it's it's been only recently that i started working wired i used to be still on wifi even as a writing a book on the independent ethernet now instead yes i use ethernet and i just ran the seventy five foot long wired that looks very ugly in in the middle of the condo but we don't own this place and maybe we'll have it wired in the walls but i in the meantime as i'm spending all day in front of my computer like athletes six hours why would i need why i don't need to move around my computer is in one place so it's just now i've reduced my exposure to wifi tremendously and i like to think it affects my health i've seen a difference.

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