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Not today. Not that kind of podcasts direction. I was saying I didn't I didn't say it said at thirty five years and I was. We'll see if that's Presi and hey I mean you know but I but but in all seriousness. I just thought you know I just say wow. What land like you you to think about that. You know what they said was. It was their first album. Where they got less introspective. Started making a comment about what they saw going on like social issues and things like that so that probably has to do something I mean. I don't WanNa tell them I don't WanNa think I know what the song is about? I would love to hear it from them but you know rolling did mention that. That was the time. They stepped outside of themselves and went more writing more toward what they saw. Externally another line says one headline I believe it. Everybody wants to rule the world. So you know they could have been talking about politics or some type of social issues or some type of injustices that they thought were going on and not to cut you off. I was just GonNa say like you know we're on the you know thankful to be on the other hand now or in the middle of where we are but I I don't want our younger groans to listen to this and not think that the nineteen eighties was not full of Very very Difficult Times All around the world. You know it's Kinda hard being you know like thirty five years away from it.

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