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And one last thing. The con film festival begins today in France? No. Last year. There's been a bit of a tete over net flicks see traditionally the people who run or like movie theaters are part of the cinematic art form. You need to allow people to see your film in a cinema. Well, that's something Netflix has never shown much interest. That's David SIMS from the Atlantic magazine. And so this year con announces, okay. No net, Netflix movies in competition. That's right. If you're Netflix movie, you're not allowed to win an award and in response net flicks sort of, you know, went nuclear and pulled everything from the festival. Now, net does not have a ton of incentive to toe the line in France, they got superintendent laws. There will you can't put a movie on a streaming service until three years after its the debut. But back here in the US him says, if the opposite issue movie chains won't work with net Netflix, even if it has a huge hit. That's never going to be an AMC or regal or any kind of big chain like that. Because those chains sort of like the French and the film industry, see Netflix is just sort of a credit to their business. And that means for now you've got two different visions of the future of movies, neither of them backing down or stolen standoff. And just because net flicks films are staying out of Khan doesn't mean it's executives are. Are a standard net. Flicks move is to buy the biggest festival winners and never show them in theaters, just put him on your streaming service. Imagine how that will go over this year on guard. All right. Your day has been started. Shout out to people who have been telling their friends about the show and who have been coming at me over the one space versus to debate. I see you the rest of you tick at the Twitter handle start here ABC for the very latest on Eric Schneiderman on the primary battles tonight, head to ABC news dot com or the ABC news app. I'm Brad milkey see tomorrow. Are you hiring join the over three million businesses that use indeed dot com for hiring post your next job opening on the world's number one job site indeed, dot com.

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