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Yeah who was it that I was listening to some podcast and they were like in two ninety nine there was nine nine hours of wrestling on TV week and it was dead by two thousand one and and there's GonNa be nine hours of TV on this fall. It's too much too much. Keep up with Ryan. I think Jim Ross said the other day and I've heard this before Hogan Hall and Nash Used To tell Bischoff this evidently and they said they were going to war. Jr said somebody made a comment that we we don't want a W. We don't WanNa go to war with. WWe and Jim just told them. Don't it doesn't matter that you don't want to go to war. W W yeah you're going to war with like yeah. That's what they are. That's what s events McMahon is. You are whether you wanted to or not. You're not going to exist independent of them and not pay attention to the rumor. Today is bringing back in zone. CAST CASS saw that too like that's where they're at we will sign guys. We do not like who embarrassed the company. We will bring them back just so they can't go to aws. I don't know that Enzo embarrassed the company. I'm going to be honest. He got he was falsely. Accused of some of this is true. Yeah I think he embarrassed the company Anthony Zietman anymore okay. I'll give you that I thought they were entertaining. I did too I did too. That was yes. I think anybody who says they weren't entertaining is lying. They weren't entertaining. Yes and they were yeah. It's just a weird weird time in life in wrestling at it yeah. Let's take him up to drake. It's been a really good day. gotta get right clemson place at night opening game on your home Marcus. GotTa gotTa deal with some of that Hey we're on twitter at Heath Mulligan at the That's where Mark Mark is unfiltered and that's where I tweet facebook yeah thanks again to all of our patrons again and got some stuff coming out for you. Guys got some new I'll be contacting you got some prizes and stuff like that so we'll be doing the drawings for those here really soon there in the facebook group here since the end of August but yeah pretty cool pretty cool stuck man lots going on and I mean I think it's good like this season this time not to talk about wrestling solent 'cause there's GonNa be a lot of wrestling to talk about here in a little bit and and and what we're going to have to do is podcast the BS launching their own podcast asks network and so every podcast. We're GONNA have to navigate how to talk about stuff in a way that nobody else is is talking about it. I've said the other day I was listening to I would I used to pay twenty dollars for shoot interview and like Jim. Ross did an interview out to pay a lot more Hogan did an interview. Steve Austin had done an auto pay a lot more than that because I paid a lot for flavors yeah and now you have Jim rawls doing a deep dive into all these cards and then you have Steve Austin interview and Hulk Hogan that was about it. I mean that was free yeah. How do you compete with that yeah. If you're talking about wrestling listen you don't I mean you just can't compete with with Steve Austin Interviewing Hulk Hogan. Yeah and the thing is those guys. I don't need to make money off shoot interview no they don't need that money and they in Hogan was probably talking to one of the only guys in the world that he can't be is right right and flare when that shooting every came out that was like when he was like rock bottom and he was desperate for money and he said in the interview if I didn't need money I wouldn't be here doing this right now. I'm pretty sure he made that that comment at some point in that interview 'cause it was something about cafe or something like that using. He's not a fan of our guys using thing. Insider terms yeah if you've ever listened to his podcast. He doesn't like he doesn't like that. He he still kinda clings to that. You know not exposing thing yeah and that's what he said. If it wasn't for the fact that needed money he'd never do shoot enemy but he needed the money and now orange doing a podcast cast. You know what I didn't know that kind of guesses a contract called the orange but but I wonder how are and will be starts in September if I'm not mistaken because the orange show aren shoot interview was awful. It was terrible young girls. He still clings to that. You know his book was pretty bad to where he's telling you. These stories like what you saw on. TV was what really happened. I remember watching the shoot interview and they were talking about Lugar getting the win in that about oil and him saying something like well. That was just a deal. You know we you know we wanted to pay. Jj Box yeah you know he told the story like what which you saw on TV. You know only with spending too much time with this kid. He wasn't committed to the four horsemen anymore right so I'm curious. If the podcast cast honest with you Kinda hope it is. I think that'd be cool to have a guy that's retelling his his the story from what you saw on TV honestly wouldn't that. Give me Kinda 'cause everybody's doing the other way would have orange show was him straight up K FEHB J. J. Paid The guy and he bought the airtime but JJ paid. I got the receipt right. Here is forty eight hundred dollars now our cameraman was a guy named. Willie stylish and he did not do a lot of camera work and you can tell because he's a little bit. He Go- he could do his whole career like that. My Gosh you know all these shows. He was involved yeah. That was that time we made. We made staying believed. That flare wanted to be his partner but that was one of of our best. You know what I'm doing the clash of champions of stinging smarten up they could do that whole thing and I hope he does. I won't that from the orange to do an entirely K. FEHB aren't Anderson Anderson is he's as he lost his simply will be like I knew it true do they didn't really like us to yeah yeah. I think that'd be a coup show now too. Oh my Gosh Oh my goodness. That would be amazing anyway. This is not the orange show. This is the double dropkick show and we talk about about the wrestling. He grew up wrestling. You need to watch now and we will get back to wrestling. Maybe wrestling decides to do something good. I take I take wrestling the same way I am with wrestlers. I'll take them as seriously as they take themselves. This is very good. This is very good few serious about Your Business and take you serious. If you go be goofy but any fool if you wear target so you basketball shorts negere ring year that's fine. That's how seriously I take you. Yes that's right. That's right at least get belks. Basketball Show Sega some good shores right. Nothing wear shorts. That's what you want to wear but I mean make him look. Good ride gets you some little embroidery onum against some of those Ama Broccoli or words. If you're GONNA wear show or at least get yes yes sponsor Jimmy Johns or something just by you. Don't even have to actually have the sponsors you so quick to tell everybody. You're a fake fighter later and it's all if you're so quick to do that. You don't have any respect enough to see anyway right then just by yourself some patches from from these different companies and put them on a pair ama shorts at least act like you get sponsors. That's that's really good baby. If you you took it serious enough to do something like that more people would take you series yeah and I think people want to take stuff seriously. The crazy steph often Akita Colo used to have the sickle and the the bar on their trunks and they weren't really from the Soviet Union all right. I'M GONNA stop. You right there. That is far enough. That's how you can stay in. You can't stand them or what. Are you saying. I'm just saying there's a chance that Scott Simpson okay say that anymore. I'm telling you what we've been doing this podcast five and a half years. We've maintained total K. FEHB UH professionalism there and on this day you decide hey guys. The Russians aren't from Russia aren't really rushing somebody listening to this. She's GonNa be squared off the road. I've blown their mind. Hey hockey an animal not the real name hey he then. NB Cool if it were I as a kid. I wonder what surprised me was. The Harley race was actually harleys. Yeah we gotta do episode on Him Yeah. Let's do do a little bit are- hey next time we record you pick. Let's try to pick different wins. You pick three Harley race matches. Everybody should watch. I'll pick three matches. They should watch okay. I posted one the other today. There's a great. NBA Title Match between him and Harley Races Harley Rice and Harley around me Terry phone always at the one where he beats fund for the title that he thinks is that the one where he wins no he beats dory the first time but then I do think he beat story. Jack Beats Race. Maybe Terry Jack that Harley Terry very it was easy much easier to follow when they held it for a year and yeah change every other day. NWEA coming back. We got so talk about but it's time we gotta get. We gotta go. I gotta go pick up kids at school. Yeah Arts gotTA beat some traffic. I'm pretty sure it's too late. NWEA COMING BACK ACT TV channel. I don't know the having announced yet. They just have to pull the Global Network TV. tapings exist. Never put it a little start on Youtube. I don't Yeah Youtube Well Youtube. TV's TV. I Guess Yeah Yeah I'm not talking about Youtube TV talking about TV TV's going to have a youtube channel. Gotcha got you got you. Hey thanks for listening folks. We have rambled doubled in and out of the bushes. It has been therapeutic for us. We hope it's been therapy be found a friend you can spend time with have breakfast with have lunch with talk about all all the things in life that you care about and you don't care about but as always for would. Dr King Show Mark Women and that's this week's Lynn's. He's so long for now yeah..

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