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Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 9 15 here's Dave Preston. You know the nationals at least they kept Kyle schwarber in the ballpark after he hit four homers in the first two series with Philadelphia. He didn't hit any last night against the Nats, but that's we're unable to contain Derek hall. Now the one one. Swinging a drive straight away center field and deep robles racing back this one over his head and it is off the wall. Hoskins held he's racing for the plate over to third is Castellanos hill hold and sliding in at second with a double off the top of the fence at the four O one mark is Derrick hall. Dave jagler on 1500 a.m. the Nats fall in Philly 5 three hall goes two for four with a Homer and two RBI you on a don't allowing four runs over four innings what went wrong with his outing manager Davey Martinez. Then he couldn't command the strike zone. And hitters. But he's got great stuff. We just got to continue to work with him on his command. And utilizing all his pitches and getting them around the strikes on. That's visited Atlanta this week at Orioles begin their series with the Los Angeles angels by beating the halos 401. Don't look now, but the birds of one 5 straight. NHL draft capitals choose Russia and Ford, iron Moorish and the first round the team has 5 more selections this evening. Tennis at Wimbledon two time champ Rafael Nadal withdraws from the tournament due to an abdominal tear. That means Nick curios advances to Sunday's final the other match pitch topsy Novak Djokovic against Cameron nori in about an hour. Women's soccer Team USA rips Jamaica 5 nothing at the Concacaf W championship. They qualify for the 2023 World Cup with that victory turning Rodman of the Washington spirit finds the net. Dave Preston WTO sports. The top stories we're following for you on WTO, America's employers added 372,000 jobs in June. It's being characterized as a surprisingly strong gain that will likely cause the Federal Reserve to keep sharply raising interest rates to cool the economy. Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was shot and killed today. As he gave a campaign speech in western Japan, police quickly arrested the suspected gunmen of the scene of the shooting in a statement President Biden said he was stunned, outraged and deeply saddened by the news. President Biden will use his powers to protect access to abortion, at least that's his plan, his actions are a reaction to the Supreme Court's overturning of its 1973 decision roe V wade that guaranteed a woman's right to an abortion. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. White House press secretary karine Jean Pierre won't say whether President Biden plans to call the family of Paul Whelan, a U.S. citizen detained in Russia, but she says administrative officials have been in regular contact with the Whelan family, including his sister. White House staff joined the special presidential envoy for hostage affairs on a call with Elizabeth Whelan and secretary blinken and national security adviser Sullivan have also called her to offer support and reaffirm the president's commitment to bringing Paul home. Her comments follow criticism from Elizabeth Whelan, who voiced disappointment that President Biden had not called her family after he called the wife of WNBA star Brittany griner, who's also detained in Russia. Coming up in money news, stock futures are modestly higher, dressing down at work. I'm Jeff clawton. It's 9 18, traffic

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