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Honda 10 45 now to Rob would for right, John. It is cut day in the NFL is all 32 teams have to trim their rosters from 80 players down to 53 by 4 P.m. this afternoon. The Washington football team started that process yesterday with a surprising release of Adrian Peterson, and it continued this morning with the surprising release of safety Sean Davis, despite giving him a $2 million signing bonus. Davis started 41 games over four seasons in Pittsburgh. He was expected to do so in Washington, but Troy AKI seize control of the competition early and we'll start the season opener against the Eagles next Sunday. Yesterday, Washington coach Ron Rivera spoke about his criteria for making the team. It's not just about the exes, nose and and and athleticism as Muchas is about knowing how to play the game, happy experience playing the game but also being a guy that fits and into the culture that you're trying to create. No, We have to be smart about those decisions as well. Among the other notable cuts reported today. Receivers trade Quinn and Cam Sim center Rush Ross Pierce Barker, who was 1/5 round pick last year in Reuben Foster will miss yet another season in Washington. He is reportedly being placed on injured reserve. Some breaking news out of Houston. ESPN is Adam Schefter reporting, the Texans and Shawn Watson have agreed to a four year extension. Worth $177.5 million With nearly 111 million in guarantees. It was a night to and local losing streaks as the nationals, Orioles and Mystics all ended long slides, The Nats and Orioles each winners in the back half of their doubleheaders. Both return to the field. After seven tonight, the Nats sending Eric Fed into the mound in Atlanta for his third career appearance against the Braves, and the O's go with rookie Keegan taken against the Yankees. The Mystics beat the Chicago Sky to end a five game losing streak last night. And better to have the mint juleps lates, then not at all rights After a four month delay, the 146 the running of the Kentucky Derby happens today. With protests and a pandemic still rocking Louisville. Rob would fork W T OBY sports and still ahead. A local professor who falsely claimed to be black will not be teaching classes this fall. It's 10.

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