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So excited for this episode. So stay tuned. Hello this is stephanie. And this is talk tales and trivia the show where i talk about society and culture if you are a new listener here at talk tales and trivia. I want to welcome you and thank you so much for tuning in. I hope that you enjoy this episode. So now everybody gather round sit down. Relax and listen to this episode about going organic and holistic with a healthy life style. Your health is within your own control. We'll start with a quote. John dryden was an english. Poet literary critic translator and playwright and the mid sixteen sixties and. He has a quote for us to contemplate we. I make our habits. Then our habits make us. We can say this about all habits in life after all. This is the clear but almost never spoken about great natural law of the universe. The law of cause and effect. This is something. I sometimes talk about in my second podcast growing uncomfortable but it applies to this topic as well. This is a great law of the universe that cannot be broken. No matter how hard you may try because it's a law everything you do in life will have an effect. This includes your habits right. Naturally of course every habit you have good or bad will have the cause for doing that. Habit and the effect from doing that habit. Well that is exactly what i'm talking about in this episode so this episode is specifically about what we can do to feel better get healthier and most likely live longer. And who doesn't want that. I am talking about the akita genetic diet or the kea. Genyk lifestyle or kato for short. It's a healthier alternative to any diet. Organic holistic foods that come from the natural sources of the earth is what kita was. all about. It will help you lose weight. Feel great have less inflammation amazing skin and oh so much more so away. We go well to start off. I thought it would be very interesting to look at some weight. Loss companies around the united states. That say that they are all about you weight fast. It is known specifically to my friends and those closest to me that i've always had a cynical view on companies such as weight watchers nutrisystem. Slimfast and jenny craig disclosure here. I haven't tried neum..

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