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You want to get rid of almost everybody including competition and tonight wants to get rid of the anxiety relentless anxiety is hope aw that's what pleased that we're actually the greek reads he was the anxiety in harry i'm a major spicer and i didn't become a major splinter by how many saudi became a major sponsored by suppressing any saudi the problem is your body doesn't believe it when you suppress any negative emotion research shows you actually caused great damage to the member center so the essence of this loosening should learn become comfortable he louis programmer retrain your brain did not react to stress with second adrenaline response when your body's full of adrenalin positive information so turns out the saudis just adrenaline did you come down the adrenalin you come down inside he you come down the information you come down the pain then you don't need the freeways so is incredibly solvable problem but right now only medicine we don't have a crack people just keep people don't david just toughen it up and just not take paint pills or is it just too much pain is human so i do it backwards the most people that are contained specialists and i've probably might be sacre saying this but i think people in over 15 milligrams of actually hold on the day come off medications completely no pain i room one woman ten years in a wheelchair on can milligrams of morphine a day and within a year she was out of the wheelchair walking and no medications no pain she still a lot of pain how did that happen so again the number one thing is sleep we ask these simple writing exercises and sources.

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