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You're going to seven eleven and they're like Oh we're part of the Straw ordinance so they just keep their stras at the register rather than what the big Gulps Art of the Straw Ordinance. This is like a secret society. Now what is well. Yeah that's the thing like you have to ask for. A Straw is like their their their policies. We thought they had to be paper. No no they have the same plastic straws at the register. But they're just at the register now they're not with the big gulps. What does that change? It doesn't change anything. So what's the point so I like shamed without a Ala awards that have just grabbing. I have to ask literally right there at the register. You just take it and go. They're not with the COPS. They're just like repaired. The Straw now seems just absurdly predicting the whole thing stupid but yeah you're right like I'm all for being burned environment if he can make a plastic straw that can be biodegradable overtime. Great because you can't pick your teeth in the papers job. You ever tried doing that. Forget it if you got food in your teeth and you got paper Straw. You're going to have food in your teeth until you get home. Just the tip plastic mastic so we can. Yeah so use it. That's like seventy percent of the plastic were reduced in style. I like that idea. Just the just the plastic tip and then Yeah just the tip Strauss. Yeah I like that idea. Got Business File here. I like that idea right by next bowl is do you think Epstein. Kill themselves Joe. Now before you answer this question I believe that did Epstein kill himself is the new. Who is John Golf? Do you know who John called John. Dalton the guy who they were building that stupid railroad for the book I was trying to shrug emailed all the important people kept disappearing sick and tired of frigging producing and Burqa get punished for it. And then they would leave the note behind. Who is John? GALT ask So Do you think Epstein is John Daldry. EPSTEINS Osteen is John Bolton I think the question is the is vive real world version of. Who is John? Call 'cause that was kind of like the the answer for everything. Wise world fucked up. I don't know movies Jon call and I think that's that's what it is. Hey the world's fucked up Woah self. Answer the question but like what are you going to do is really the answer the question now but the answer the question no oh I don't think he killed himself and then he was murdered by prison guards who are paid by somebody who wanted Epstein dead so okay okay. So do you think the picture that they show wasn't fact Epstein probably. Yeah that was probably up steamed but he was dead so see the fact that they showed a picture so quickly. After is the part that super suspicious to me his. When did they ever show us the picture? That's true. Yeah they never show the picture but this I thought okay. He's in prison. It's different name one famous. Bad Guy that that America's taken down. They've showed us the picture the Saddam's kids they'd like literally that day. They showed us their pictures. The TUCSON's Day. And whoever like Oh I know you act this kid's wreck before they wet Saddam they got. They got his kids like that summer. They show pitchers. Oh Yeah. That's what that was like the big fuss all the Muslims. uh-huh are pissed because they showed the pictures because they actually showed him blown to smithereens and you know how the Muslim faith is. You have to bury them like then they run in there and then they die the they actually you know just the mop like like like a funeral like they did though formaldehyde that and made them look nice and took pictures of that. And that's what everyone got mad about more about that than them dying so we yeah Saddam's kids but that's the only example I can think of. Yeah we don't we never saw bin Laden auden's picture whenever I saw the guy just not never saw Hitler for crying. I here's what we never saw Hitler. So like the fact they tell you the the the areas yards away will really be super suspicious. I honestly think In a reverse John Galt scenario instead of all all the good people removing themselves from society. I think he's wherever the breakway civilization is for the evil cycle pass and the Uber One percenters an I'm just putting it in their their little one percent or retirement home now who I've seen you know. I think it was easier to kill him. I think he's dead but I don't think he killed himself themselves. I think he was murdered. Because it's just easier than trying to hide him forever so there was reports that there was a black ops vehicle at showed up the weekend before he was killed and the prisoner transfer and that this particular prison prison never did prisoner transfers on the weekend. This was completely completely an anomaly and the people have picked came and showed up the prison. Transfer were all military personnel in unmarked on Marta gear ear and they took a prisoner out the these person so call that that it has. This information didn't seem which prisoner they took out. But this happened the weekend before our Epstein was suddenly dead so I think they swapped them out. Now you mean the weekend. He tried to kill himself. Didn't no no no. This was the weekend before what for I don't know. I think he had a debt Monday. Or Tuesday yeah this day remember. He died but he had previously tried to kill himself and didn't succeed and supposedly pose with. Hi blaming that on his his cell may so they could get him off of suicide. Watch faster no okay. Well I mean if that's the case then yeah there's maybe he's gone but I eat dead. I think he was murdered. I think whoever wanted him dead it was just easier for them to kill him than all it just lane. Maxwell check gone ghosted. She's not buried six feet under already by now than I got. No respect for the deep state like she's the key to everything and there should be an international manhunt going on to try and find this woman. Final question for you joking. Why wasn't Epstein kept in a submarine doing circles in the Atlantic Ocean until his trial? Why was he just just just the guy not the most important prisoner? In the the history of this country do they keep people in submarines though have they ever had a is important before I would think like I mean don't give me wrong when Epstein did was despicable but the same time. You guys like Tim McVeigh. who was kept in federal prison? Given what did isn't half as bad as what he knows. Everybody else did and to me. That is why the richest most powerful people in the world. Why kill this guy like a frigging Batman movie we gotTa keep this villain alive anyway? Possible impermanent submarine in the water until the trial. It's just crazy to me that he was kept in a a standard everyday federal prison. Yeah Yeah if you if you look at it that way yeah. I think that I don't know what prison was kept in. You're right though was it wasn't like a special prison or anything but a federal prison in New York City but Apparently the networking carrots. They should have kept him like somewhere a little more remote than New York City. That's for sure Yeah they definitely screwed the pooch on it so but yeah I think he was murdered. Violation is intentionally Ashley around intentionally. Joe Oh yeah it was all intentional. Yeah like Joe Hardy. Final words for for your most recent appearance on Greg cast cast one could find the next episode of suspense. Joe Eats well. I try to offload every Sunday and Wednesday and I been sticking to their pretty well So Wednesday they'll be another other review Maybe even another time between Wednesday and Sunday. There might be another one if I have time so check it out. Follow me on twitter at sub paints. Joe Tweet out every time I upload because you know you to let you know when you've uploaded anymore the whole Youtube Algorithm forget it it doesn't make any any sense like Like our friend David who just joined us in Miami just showed up. Now we're wrapping up and David references. Every time David goes alive. I get a notification but now all of the sudden his notification of stopped so I don't know what's going on with the notifications with Youtube Sa- follow me on twitter taints Joe. I always tweet my videos cope short there. I was struggling comments. David thanks for joining in late. You'RE GONNA have to rewind why the show catch up. We've talked a lot of east tonight and that's about it joked you know our closing song. No I don't aw we got a way better closing You may not be able to hear I'm going to do a little tweak here to see if I could make sure you can here if not I will want an echo though. So it's going to cause an echo we. We don't want to play the song. Well I'll just play the song in the play for you. After seeking Erica. Okay this shit. I'm mount from this shit. I'm out now saying Mommy you just grabbing myself. Excuse me please of this shit I'm mountain. nope Shit Mount all right. Then I'll know what the approaches I don't really. I'm going to get the puck of padding tease out..

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