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Sale at three years old to see if and he beat your child who's three years old great because seventy three year old says you have to keep him a secret yes are you ready to flip through them and tell them what do you have anything illegal he beat up but it says it's three and he told me he did more than that he didn't put up with it when you say he did more than that what started what do he did more than that okay where is our careers we will win along in the room it's closer for abuse yes I live in several times and I have to live up he is still there a ring and thanks one point a lot for me to worship him I'm a missionary muscle hello yeah I'm a full grown dogs the most you know I was born and born again in front of George but he called me to worship on the Sabbath day hello again may call in it's a cool experience I will go to it but it could take up to much of the tax I have yes wallet in anti war activities we have a home in the West Indies he could see a formal indecent and on I got the call in actually I walk in the North Sea in the north in fearful of seven is close a new retirement until only each one night I was three one morning I recuperate and they Hey where I was in the community and I didn't remember where I.

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