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Seven thirty three thirty nine and so we start off this next segment here and i wanna bring on a meteorologist of greatest steam by the way you don't end up being the senior meteorologist at the national weather service in my ami okay by not having a lot of years behind your belt steve it is steve cannot or no i can arc and stevia there yes i'm here thank you steve i didn't mean to put your name there buddy at an uptick aaa no i looked at it does happen allied you know i still right i am a weather guy with the name hail you know so tell me it's been a busy week right right um you know an incredible amount of preparation and involved on you know for anyone in the fell quarter area included colder busy week uh dealing with armour approaching and now are kind of down to the final hours of the approach of obama he had a what has been the most challenging thing for you over the last two a couple of weeks in at him the most challenging um were i've on it really too you know our goal is to protect life and property and really being able to make sure that our message that goes out to the public and everyone is is it consistent message that really prompt people uh it take see action to do the right thing to make the right decision to protect themselves and their families uh tha that's that's a huge challenge uh you know look at ill while they're served up during any any sort of major event on particularly one that has the potential to be a devastator catastrophic nick like are about a you know in in oklahoma of where we are based along the red river and we're actually in three weather centres tulsa fort smith uh or sites say tulsa fort smith and also oklahoma city and dallas up we have our little thing had called a kind of like a situational awareness where we bring all the meteorologist and the emergency managers together and then we create a situation and we go through that process and hopefully were able to work out the bugs do you do that same thing in your market yeah yes uh you know to basically probably exactly what what you guys do really from in this case about seventy had an an dan we started uh communicating daily and.

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