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This now. After the election is over. Yeah, the Rasputin does is we kind of looked at this and we think we think that Well, Yeah, we shouldn't and I want to know if the guy was under oath when he first gave the reason for doing it. Because, he said the New York Post was in trafficking and news that couldn't be proved that it was Whatever excuse they gave So what? Is the reason now. For allowing the hunter Biden news to flow freely. Well, here's the Here's the answer to it. Joe Biden is a placeholder. He has always been a place holder. I've never seen I don't know how many presidents have not bothered account I've been alive for But I don't recall any president ever having so little personal attachment. To his voters. I don't I don't I don't encounter anybody. One left. Who was thrilled that Biden is going to be president. They are thrilled that they don't think Trump is gonna be But The guy that nobody cares about. The guy in home. Very few have any kind of personal attachment investment, Armand. Is the guy who won the election, They think Doesn't It just doesn't make any sense. So because that attachments not there, because there is no deep bond. And because Biden is a place of placeholder for what? What if I What if I said, I have said what the left wants? Is something they could not achieve. They could never have run Kamila Harris. As the nominee, and she couldn't have won the nomination on her own, by the way. She tried. You know that Comey got out of the race before the first votes for even cast. She did. She couldn't raise any money. And so she got out. She tried. She tried to raise money, but she couldn't and she got out before the first votes were cast. That is how undesirable she Woz. That is how on electable a nominated bill, she Woz in the Democrat Party. But now look, the Democrats want somebody like her. In the White House. They want a radical leftist in the white, but they could never get one elected. So what was the one thing standing in their way? The election? The fact that the person they really want to be president or somebody who's like what they want to be president would never win. An election in this country couldn't happen. So what do they do? They go for the old warhorse, The guy that's been there 47 years. A standard issue as typical is you could Prototype one Washington inside the Beltway politician named Joe Biden. They run him as the nominee, Anti Trump, but they don't run him. They keep him in the basement. And then they run all these election games instead. That's where they spent to get out the vote money. They didn't get out the vote. They spent their money rigging the election in places that they targeted and knew they would have to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin. And so Biden's elected. Biden wasn't elected. He hasn't been elected yet. He hasn't been certified. If anything, they would It's all about Trump. So Now, however, as far as they're concerned, and I don't think they're taking this recount, seriously, they better They better Let me tell you something. You think Sidney Powell? And Lynn would look at me. Look at me. Do you think Living Wood and Sidney Powell want to do a replay of Parolo's vault? I mean, there is no way You think you remember what that was? Rollo claimed. Have exclusive rights to bulldoze Al Capone's vault. Supposedly, you know when Capone left? Little history lesson here. When Alphonse That's what they called him when he was near death because he was lost his mind. He had he had syphilis out there. And it went untreated. And then Alcatraz. That's one of the reasons why they let him go. That's another thing. So Alphonse and the family by some palatial estate down there, Miami Alphonse continues to deteriorate mentally physically and any number of ways. And There was a rumor that when Alphonse had his mind and his wits That he hid a bunch of money. And trinkets. Stuff like would be in a King Tut vault. Alphonse had hidden this stuff away. But it was just a rumor and nobody knew where precisely it, Woz. They kept trying to get Alphonse to tell them where it was. We lost his mind. He didn't over. They were asking him. He didn't know what he was saying when he responded, but they firmly his buddies. I mean, his Mafia buddies and some of the the government really thought that there was Massive amounts of cash and money that Al Capone had sealed away somewhere. Well, Geraldo When he found out where it Woz. And it was in a secret room somewhere. You have to blow it up. Get in there. So they're doing a TV special on it. Think Tribune. I'm not sure the Tribune media did the special And it was only promoted for weeks and weeks. We call Al Capone's vault. And the day came But I'm going to go in there blowing up and find Al Capone's hidden away a fortune. And trinkets and stuff like from the King Tut tomb. Roller goes in there. They blow everything up. There's smoke, and there's sparks, and there's just all kinds of many clear the air and there's not a thing in there. What a bunch of rat turds and other things. Nothing else. TV special. It did nothing but reveal rat turns and other kinds of refuse in this room. Do you think Sidney Powell and Linwood wanted effectively end up doing Roll those vote. There is no way that they're going to have this end up that way. They wouldn't It wouldn't be. So anyway. You think the Democrats gonna wait? However many years for Joe Biden to say, You know what I don't want to do this anymore. You're not gonna wait. That's why the hunter Biden News is starting to flow freely. Now there's There's going to be all of a sudden. Newfound reason. Look in the Joe Biden and Hunter in the China coms because they want Kamala in there tomorrow, but courage to fight and but talent to.

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