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Get out of the traffic because there's only one Cup. Yeah. Produce ready, March twenty first the headline says Florida man attempts to burn down house with Ragu sauce. Oh, yeah. Okay. Go ahead. So they were burglarizing the house, and he's like, oh, I got a good idea. He's going to make it look like the stove Qatar caught the house on fire soup put some Ragu spaghetti sauce. And then let the stove up the cops got there first, and they're like, well, houses and burned down. And I see what you're trying to. You're trying to lead us off the case the wet bandits for the Ragu mine is Florida on April. Second and the headline is egg. Roll rage lands Florida man behind bars. A drunk Florida man shoved his girlfriend outside residents because he wanted to come in any day girls. So the egg roll rage got him. And finally, let's go over to Morgan. Number two. Our head of digital Morgan to what is yours minds October six Florida man dressed as Fred Flintstone pulled over for driving a foot mobile. That's funny. Wait what what's what's a foot mobile? Like, he transformed his car to look like the foot mobile from it. Here's a there's a picture of him. Oh, he did. He'd knock out the bottom. Zone. And you can't do that. There's even bones around the car. Well, and that's a Florida man challenge. So what you can do is wherever you are today. Type in Florida man, your birthday, and then see what comes up and Google as people do the internet that we do it today. Fun. Hey, shutout, Florida. I love Florida represent represent. All right, there you how about this. Are.

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