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I don't think the big guy can let you go. Okay, just because it was hard to hear. Gates said the boss. Yeah. Has still has a very favorable view of you. I don't think the big guy can let you go down for this. Gates at one point told Trump he was working on getting him a pardon, but was hesitant to say more backstage as the event. He said, since there are many, many recording devices around right now. He set into a recording device. Right. So, once again. Dumb, really dumb cross. Dumb water game. I do not feel in a position to speak freely about the work I've already done on that subject. He said into a recording device. The lawmaker also told stone during their conversation that stone was mentioned a lot in a redacted portions of the Mueller report. He said they're going to do you because you're not going to have a defense. Oh, I see. That's him knowing that he's a complete traitorous crook. Yeah. But okay, Mueller's report just a review said that it was possible that Trump had both lied to investigators and about his contacts with stone and was aware that stone might provide damaging testimony against him if he chose to cooperate, which is why he got the pardon. See, because he was stone would have been the one that would have connected him to WikiLeaks into the whole Travis over here pay attention to me. He would have never because he would have gone down for the original treason and not gotten to this reason. Hattie. Okay, so much season. Yeah. That part to be there for Trump. Yeah. It's just my memory. The big guy. The big guy. I'm sorry, the big guy, the big guy. Andrew weissler weisman speaking of which Mueller prosecutor tweeted I on the clock. Oh, I hear the big 60 minutes clock in my head all the time. If Trump is indicted, it will take at least a year or more for a trial to start. And then appeal of any conviction. That is all okay if a Democrat wins in 2024 or the rare Republican who would not pardon Donald Trump. Otherwise, a new Republican potus can end the case. If you need any other reason to get out in 2022 and 24, that would be. Yeah. Yes. Rob Reiner says group politics group hole numbers Joe Biden has a record of accomplishment in the first two years of his presidency that has gone gone unmatched for almost 60 years. Thank you uncle rob. Thank you. I wonder if anybody else is paying attention. That's shop records in 50 years. That's not important, you know. Marianne Chicago. Hi, Mary. I go ahead and take off a secret phone call. Okay. I would love to get your help with something that just sticks in my craw and you've got such a big microphone and audience that I think you could help. With the messaging, I think the single most important thing we could do to get people out to the polls this year is to stop referring to them as midterm elections and start calling them what they are. Congressional elections. Every two years the entire house is flipped, has that potential right? These are all up for grabs and a third of the Senate. So if we start kind of conveying the importance of these elections really can't we can really get people out to the polls, but when we call them midterms, they sound optional. We really need to give them the importance they deserve. Congratulations. If you think democracy is optional, right? You are correct. Yeah. Democracy. Not optional. There's our other tag. Thank you. Also, look at this. I just got one of my sexy liberal state democracy tour t-shirts. Look at it. We have three fantastic designs. It's beautiful. I'm very patriotic. Okay. I'm just saying. We have also in honor of Jared Kushner and Peter Navarro. I would pick up, I'm not going to buy your stupid book T-shirt. Yes. Also, any one of the three alpha liberal shirts. Those are fantastic. Yes. And they're not just on the way. They're not just shirts, you can get them on mugs on clocks on Meg, you know, unmanaged on stickers if you don't want to spend a whole lot of money. I was confused the first time on the website. It comes up on some object and you might think I don't want that thing, but if you click on it, you can see it on the design on everything. Or duffel bag, or backpack. No. All right. Michael and Oakland. But coffee mugs are great. Yes. Hi, Mike. Welcome. All right. I just wanted to comment on this advice of counsel defense that Trump seems to be trying to put together. Right, that he hired crazy lawyers and then took the crazy lawyers advice. Well, yeah, his lawyers have leaked the thing that said that he's got a defense if he quotes subjectively believe that he won the election. Subjectively believe. Right. And then as if to say, well, if I just believe that my neighbor's car is mine Swine back then. Would that have been a defense? Well, in a guy that spent his entire life in New York City doesn't know where the four seasons is instead he picked like a landscaping office to pitch this nonsense at the foresee about the four seasons and the fake collectors. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate it. I don't know who's that would have been a weaker defense. I would have said I was drunk. I can't believe you did that. Okay. I'm just not certain whether it's something you can use at all. Well, it's a chuck Tom. You give us an you give us money to hang out with you. So we have to do what you say. You're paid Friends. Yes. This is more of that than the. Okay. All right. Brian Tyler Cohen tweets the same Republicans who falsely are falsely claiming the veterans healthcare bill has a $400 billion slush fund voted for the same bill in June. They are trying to distract from the fact they blocked it because they are mad about the inflation reduction act. It is a game to them. Why just, again, mainstream media not call bold on any of these Republicans saying that. This is the exact same bill they voted for. Okay. And doctor Jack Brown quickly

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