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Expressways and to always are flowing freely. So far this morning, I'm thinking Jacuzzi in from the Idot traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. And most people traveling this Christmas or driving triple A spokesperson Molly Heart says. Not as many as in a normal year. That number of travelers, um this holiday season is going to be way down. What we're seeing is that 84.5 million may travel and we're talking about the time between December 23rd and January, sir, But the traveling is down by at least 29% and bought a four million Illinois ins are expected to hit the road between now and January. 3rd. If the covert 19 relief bill that was passed by Congress this week is not signed into law. Many programs helping Americans will lose funding one area that will be adversely affected. His food banks here is Dr Valerie Hawthorne with the North Texas Food Bank. They're established programs out there that function and they're great for food bankers, and we just don't need any new ideas infused into this. We just need the resource is to be put into programs that already exists, and President Trump's new demand of $2000. Aid checks to Americans is threatening to veto this covert relief billets, also posing an uncomfortable test of allegiance for Republicans who reject that spending today, House Democrats will all the dare Republicans to break with the president, calling up his proposal for a Christmas Eve vote. GOP lawmakers air ready to object offering their own proposal to cut foreign aid Governor Pritzker says more than 100,000 covert 19 vaccine doses have been administered in the state of Illinois. The update comes the same day, Illinois reported another 6700 covert cases. And 135 deaths more than 15,000. People in Illinois have died from covert 19 over 900,000 total known cases. WGN Sports Dave in it. And good morning, the Bulls had high hopes starting the season against Atlanta fresh start on her new front office and a new coach. But this wasn't the start. They were hoping for. The Hawks put up 42 points in the first quarter, and 41 Maurine the second in the third quarter. The score board read it 108 to 68 of 40 Point, Atlanta lead And a 1 24 104 win. Wake up call. You know you got punch slap in the face. You know whatever it is, but we just gotta You know, we got taken a story camera, you know, turn the whole season's first game. We got come out there and we gotta bounce back. I say I look at it. You know, we gotta stay together. Zach Levine, who led the Bulls with 22, but he and teammate Kobe White were combined two for 15 from three point range, while Atlanta's Trey Young was five for six and poured in 37. Northwestern's chase. Audi's went scoreless in the first half in Indiana. In the second half 17 in the last eight plus minutes and he carried the Wildcats back after they let a 15 point lead Get away. They beat the Hoosiers 74 67 Northwestern 13 Big 10 games last year. They are, too Oh, no. This year, Illinois is two on one. The 18th ranked a lot. I spotted Penn State a 19 to 4 Heads start no trouble, though they wanted 98 81 DePaul open the season. Finally, with the 91 72 win over western Illinois in hockey, the Blackhawks air hoping for good news on Young center Kirby Doc, playing for Team Canada. The world junior Championships, suffered an apparent wrist injury last night. They're waiting. Results of X rays being top forward Alex Knee Lander could miss the entire season. He underwent surgery for a tourney meniscus in his left knee is expected to be out 4 to 6 months. Cox will open the season January 13th of the United Center against Tampa Bay, David it W. GM SPORTS The forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center meteorologist Morgan called Bio. Good morning. Bitter cold Start this morning where we have temperatures in the teens and wind chills down below zero and most spots, actually, in a few of them only barely above zero anywhere from minus 6 to 2 degrees for the windshield value here early this morning, we'll see more clouds and sun today and cold temperature. There is reaching the teens around 18 90 degrees at best flurries here and there throughout the day with West winds 15 to 20 gusting up to 30 MPH. You're waking up this morning to temperatures anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees colder than what we had yesterday morning. From the WGN Weather Center. I'm working Coke Meyer. We have 15 now. Widow here. Your money on 7 20, WGN. Dow futures up 62 points. You will begin trading today at the as usual, however, a shortened trading day the most markets closing at noon. The bond market closing at one o'clock this afternoon. Asian markets finishing mostly higher. I'm tapes one and for Steve Krizan, Inchon Chicago's very own 7 20. W G. N This year. The Home Depot is improving how we do the holidays, starting with our holiday gift center. Fine great.

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