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Gum a mask man show i'm your host david shoemaker sitting not across her me but in the several times owns over as my dear friend and compatriot that big daddy dave schilling how are you how was las vegas what's going on i am having a great time in las vegas i got a room upgrade so i have a giant suite for no reason i'm half watching the england croatia world cup game but i will not let that distract me from today's very special episode do you know do you know what the next level of room upgrade is from from what you're doing right now i think it's like probably i don't know like the next hyperbaric chamber the next level of of a ring of room upgrade from from sweden is just tweets we have a very big announcement we have a very big announcement coming out of our vegas quarters later on the show but before we get to that we gotta talk at the biggest news of the week and wouldn't you believe it for like the forty fifth time this year the biggest news in in the rep pro wrestling world did not actually happen in pro wrestling it happened when wwe's universal champion brock listener made a shocking appearance at ufc this weekend and they and challenged the new ufc heavyweight champion daniel korea to to to a match or confronted him after townshend to a match schilling what do you what do we make of this well i mean one of the first things we should talk about is whether or not it means anything that it was such a clear work that it will get a a contrived moment for the cameras i don't think it matters i mean i i feel like this is something you should be used to from boxing i feel like conor mcgregor has for years been trying to create controversy when he fights either ufc or his his mayweather fight this just par for the course with combat sports now you have to do that to get attention into get payperview buys yeah i think that's right i was there actually one of the kind of a very serendipitous moment the ringer was in las vegas as you are now for the nba summer league but i decided to to try and go to this ufc show and had get got great seeds thanks to you have see and thanks to my buddy chuck mendenhall and and went with ring producer sean you and we were like oh this is it was just fun it was going to those things is fun and watching you know the celebrities in watching the fights and i mean it was a lot it was a lot there's there's something really great about going to ufc show not gonna linger on it too long compared to a wrestling show because even though there's less stuff going on and that means like you know when you're when you can take breaks you you know for like two thirds of the night you're just like it's okay to chill and lean back in your seat you know and and it's a it's weirdly refreshing and keeps you really hot for what matters but anyway yeah we were sitting there and the main event was about to start and all of a sudden i looked up and i was like oh look who's this who's coming out of the entrance ramp now oh that's brock listener and brock brock in a in a suit that seemed to be made from some sort of like military tarp it was so big came and just started hugging he went over to dana they hugged kind of made his way around the ring i mean he he didn't move that far but he you know he he got to talk to several different people had a long conversation with anthony keates of the red hot chili peppers who's apparently a nimeiri regular and and then he then he said town and after coronary like shockingly won.

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