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Nobody excites you or takes the roof off a building and he's doing it without fans in the building is Steph Curry. So he is on an absolute terror right now. The way shooting right now, 48.7%. Overall 42.9% from 3 92.9% from the free throw line, and he's averaging 29.6 points a game. It's a rare thing to go 50 40 90 right with the 50 40 90 Club to 50% from the field 40% from 3 90% from the free throw line steps one of eight guys in league history to do it, and the last time he did it that unanimous M V p season, So we're in the midst of something special right here. I know every night. It seems like we're here and Steve Kerr say This is The best. I've seen him play, but there's something to be said about that People can say Yeah, well, you should be putting up big numbers with with guys that are on this roster, with Brad Wanamaker stepping out of bounds for no reason what I make. It was driving me nuts last night. By the way, I did a little dive on Wanamaker stats, and I don't wanna I don't wanna tear down Brad Water maker. I went off on a little rant last night with Murph when the Warriors were still kind of in the thick of it before the Steph Curry 16 point, third quarter 16 of the first act. By the way, there's like 16 in the 30 just went nuts on the On the San Antonio Spurs last night. Um, but Wanamaker as a right now, he's like averaging a career low and field goal percentage, three point percentage, and it's It's by a lot. He's low on three point percentage by like 14%. He's shooting 10% below his career average for field goal percentage. Or he's his best See. Excuse me his best season average or normal average for a field goal percentage. He's also attempting 43 pointers again he's ever attempted before, which is not a much higher clip. But still when your percentages are worse, and you're shooting more, it could be a little frustrating Everybody on the Warriors roster last night with a positive plus minus or when he played, I should say, though there were some some rough shooting next, Kelly, you berate junior 12 points on 14 shots, but 10 rebounds for him. Draymond Green had an incredible four game stretch here as far as he distributor goes double digit assists in all four of these Texas Games for Draymond Green. He had six points last night as well to go with his 11 assists and seven rebounds. So warriors win this 1, 13 and 12 Is their record to into in Texas. Got to feel pretty good about that. Considering Eric Paschal came back last night. So you played small ball the entire seat the entire four game run, right? You go to into stay above 500. You feel pretty good about that. And a couple off days off today and off tomorrow before they pick it back up. Excuse me off today. They pick it back up tomorrow against the Orlando Magic is they started four game. Home stand. They gotta feel pretty good to not having his fuel markets. Aldridge in that back to back against the Spurs act. It's just a fact. Yes, absolutely effect. So you still had, by the way, James Wise, Mr Louder with the Friends sweatshirt on last night. That was kind of funny Still, so get these guys back at these guys out there getting healthy and Steve Kerr did say after the game, he thinks that there Ask him about how he thought the team handled the small ball, And obviously, he praised him for for how they played. He looked like he was going nuts a couple of times last night with the rebounding that they were allowing under the hoop and the Warriors were struggling early in the game at making the layups that it seems like they were just struggling. Run around the rim. But again, you got Steph Curry on the floor. He can carry you. For just a little bit so He thinks they're playing well, he said. He's proud of how they played, considering they didn't have a center coming into this serious. So this this four game Texas swing, so they come home now four game home stand chance to get right. They've played much better at home this year at Chase Center than they have on the road. I think they're not five and seven on the road, so 500 team's still looking to put a little street together are these warriors They lost three or four before this one, but they got right last night won 14 91 the final over the San Antonio Spurs, 13 and 12 is the record on the other side. We're gonna talk to Greg on, and he covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the athletic going to pick his brain about what's going on entitled Town told me yesterday. Actually, that they're calling it Coming a champ Obey. That's what they're calling it down in Tampa, He got the Stanley Cup. You got your you got your Super Bowl title. And of course, they want a American League pennants American League Championship. I don't know Champa Bai anyway, pick his brain a final thoughts on unruly what happened the NFL season and then we'll do a little sound survey. We'll mix in some warriors as well as Some baseball sound. Yesterday, Giants make another acquisition, a left handed pitcher, a bullpen arm, Jake McGee coming over from the L. A Dodgers. That's actually pretty good signing. I think I'll be good from the left side, Terry Crowley said. Likely to fill that that Tony watching role. I know it's not a move that super excites anybody or really get you moving in your loins. But you it's a move that I think is going to be important. And I think Giants fans need to understand or should understand. Maybe more than anybody that bullpen arms can win Houston Championships as we've seen 10, 12 and 14 It's important to stop that bullpen and then Sprinkle in some other pieces. These were like acquisitions the Giants made right before they went on their run, right. You think about when Jeremy Affeldt came over and see the sign? Definitely 2000 and eight right? He's not here with, like Alex Hinshaw, serious mottoes and Sergio Romo. They started building these guys up before before the run happened. So anyway, I'm not saying they're there yet, But an acquisition by the Giants will get you a little bit of the sound regarding that, and we'll talk some baseball after we talked to Greg Arm and who covers the Tampa Bay Bucks for the athletic. All that is coming up. It's a Wednesday morning. It's a hump day. You're in the lead out spot. KNBR, one of 45 and 6 80. You're listening to these sports leader. Polices the leadoff spot with Adam Copeland on FM, and this is KNBR 1045 and 6 80, these sports leader, a better life with Dr Sanjay Gupta. Your home can be a hot spot for covert 19. Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent. Many of us.

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