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A kid coming in he's not he's going to try to take rothlisberger job but you know but this is how the business is perry oil doesn't want to lose his spot so he's concerned about himself before helping somebody else get better that's how almost all the quarterbacks are i mean that's how tom brady is you saw the report from seth wicker sham last year that jimmy garoppolo was moved out because he didn't want them around you know brett farve wasn't great to aaron rodgers peyton manning never had the reputation of being great to his back not saying they're bad to those people i'm just saying like there are only so many josh mccown in the world in josh mccown is who he is because he's just an awesome guy but he's also not a hall of fame quarterback either the only differences in the only thing i i will entertain this counterpoint by those that want to criticize ben rothlisberger for saying what he said unlike someone that's trying to take your job in your normal life or our jobs big ben has generational wealth if one of these days mason rudolph beats me out because i was too good to him or i revealed to many of the tricks of the trade to him he's going to be fine like so that's that's the one that's the one difference but this is just very common in the nfl i mean most of the great high profile quarterbacks don't do a lot to help their backups just goes why why were rookies ever hazed or over looked down upon this because those young players will be old enough at some point to take that veteran spot this is why we had at hazing in some craziness in the past we see and every now and then now in sports but it was more profound years and years past of what they would do to rookies to try to demean them just like hey you stay down rookie this is your initiation i'm the veteran here on the big big dog and you just got here this is why this has been a circle of life in sports they probably everything else for a long time but you know maybe rudolph will replace rothlisberger this at this point big band the man he's.

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