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Independent in thoughts and punk rock in life it's the chad benson show pa free speech week is coming up sued and it's coming to a place call berkeley where free speech as we know it isn't what it used to be considering this was really kind of the home of that free speech kind of movement but over the last oh twenty plus years berkeley has become a bastion for liberal think anz quite frankly it's sad to think that a place that prides itself on being openminded is in many ways the most closeminded places earlier this week or last week he had venture pirro there which set a bunch of people off but coming to free speech week is the three most probably hated conservative speakers out there ann coulter who's already had her free speech her speech once at berkeley cancelled then you've got milo yiannopoulos followed up by bannon yeah that guy and they're freaking out there losing their mind what will they do dj well let even happen here is milo if you've been reading the press over the weekend you might have been misled into believing that book free speech week is in a visit botha i'm here to set the record straight uc berkeley has been racking its brains four months trying to work out how to cancel free speech week they'd do not want us on campus the administration's it uc berkeley have tried everything to derail free speech week up to and including accusing the students of being inapped their knows they're not an apt but all of the faculty for all intents and purposes and said we need to cancel class we need to tell students not to show up and we need to do these things because there are people coming and with their words they make us because you know how dangerous they are we need you to be indoctrinated only by us we're going to need safe spaces we're going to need trigger warnings we're going to need all kinds of things if this is to happen here here's what's really happening von leftist thugs down the uc berkeley campus the last time i attempted to speak so the right to fear the thugs will do anything to stop milo an and uncle steve for holding a microphone on campus bleeding in his coordinated bureaucratic mission to silence conservative voices at berkeley.

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