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Live from npr news in washington i'm shea stevens a federal judge in san francisco is refusing to force the trump administration to continue paying subsidies for health insurance under obamacare california was the lead plaintiff in the case as scott schaefer from member station kqed reports when president trump announced two weeks ago he was ending federal payments that help reduce health insurance costs for low income people under the affordable care act california sued joined by seventeen other states and the district of columbia state attorney general have you ever sarah said stopping payments would cause irreparable harm but in this decision the federal judge noted that there is no immediate harm because california and the other states expected trump to do this and worked out deals with insurance companies to protect policyholders from cost increases and the judge noted the majority of those people will actually make out better under the temporary fix while the larger legal challenge makes its way through the courts for npr news i'm scott schaefer in san francisco president trump is once again speaking out about his conversation with the widow of a soldier was killed earlier this month in this year anthony ours more eliason has the story president trump is continuing to push back against mrs johnson's assertion that he had a hard time remembering led david johnson's name and that he stumbled over it when he called her with his condolences about two weeks after johnson's death pie was really nice door i respect i respect your family i certainly respect david by the way crawled with david right from the beginning they voted jarred david david johnson go right from the beginning of his no has one of the great memories of all dime trump was referring there to his own memory skills which he has boasted about many times in the past.

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