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Get x amount of text and then you'll get charged just like a cell phone plan. But what's really really nice about it in reach with all the Garmin inreach products is it's a month to month thing. So if you're like, well, I'm only getting use it two months out of the year. You're only dead. Like pay for two months out of the Year 24 bucks call it right, but I'm going to be honest with you the more you start using it. You're going to just be like know that $12 a month is dead worth it. That's what it costs to get launched a gas station now, so that's you know make or break could be a lifesaver. The other thing I want to talk about real quick. Sorry, just to keep on rambling here. Now. Keep on going man this Thursday we brought you on. Well, I look at that 200. I also right. So let's call bird hunting season really if you want to get down to it could be theoretically 6 months out of the year, maybe longer depending, you know life and obviously training dogs outside of it. But my point is is that even if you're not running dogs with this unit, it's still just one of the best handheld GPS has that incorporates in reach technology into it. You know what I mean? So it's like if you're going backpacking trip or you're going, you know, wherever canoeing whatever you need to do. It's like just take that thing along and you've got an incredible handheld GPS with in reach into it, right? Yeah. That's how that's how long Always looked at I know when I bought my first Alpha 100 again, it was my first dog and I thought let's get the GPS and the caller and in the whole deal and never really looked back. But I also I had an old GPS that need that kind of needed upgrading and it just worked into that value proposition for me it well. Hey, this is a awesome GPS to that can do everything else. I need. I mean it's it's capabilities go far beyond me taking the dog for a walk in the woods with my gun. Yeah. Well, but you know, like I said essential Center party life, right? That's that's for dang. Sure. Yeah. Yeah and I I very much appreciate that. I think we've talked quite a bit about the alpha to Hunter. I know that there's a great video done by Steve Snell gun. Yeah, he's he's awesome at reviewing this stuff. Right when the alpha 200 came out I went and watched that and prior to that. I read some of the products sheets and I had some info on the alpha 200 that video really solidified for me a lot of the value in the new Alfa 200 Iowa succinct in in that it didn't cover every feature, but it took Talked about the differences of it. So I'd encourage people to check that out. I'll go ahead and throw a link to it in the show notes, but Steve really talks about I mean the user the user interface and the improvements which some of them you've touched on a on the ability to really customize anybody that spent time with an alpha 100 knows there's all kinds of stuff in there and probably more than you use. That's okay. It's nice to have it but the ability to customize a put the stuff that you want to use right up front on top. There's a couple more buttons with those quick keys that that make it easier to use and more seamless to get out the stuff you need. That's that's I think we're we're a lot of them prove it is with the 200 Beyond just the the technical advancements and the redesign of the hand-held and everything. Yeah, and when you really one to yes Steve's got a great video. I mean, he's got a couple different things out on it. And the other thing too is there's a lot of different people that I've got reviews on it or kind of are talking about it. And I think it's also interesting to you know, I mean if you're you're looking to kill some time, you know. It's interesting to hear what like Helmsman have to say about it just says, you know pointing dogs versus you know, so different perspective different perspectives, but you're absolutely right in terms of being able to customize the information. Like I said it really the the design of it was set up so that it's really easy to use but it becomes you know, you set it up how you find it most valuable and you customize that information that you can get to it quickly efficiently and effectively and so that like you said, there's so much information in there. I mean everything from timers to you know, Man Overboard son said, you know everything you could possibly need and it's really people begin this goes back to its like people find valid people hunt differently and people their styles are different and so it shouldn't be one-size-fits-all is how you have to do it. You should be able to customize it and how you how it makes sense for you and your hunting Style and what you find most important and you know the things that you want help with the things you dead. Help with them. So that's that's something that I'm proud of. I know everybody else is proud of here as well and and the sense of being able to customize that customize the information so that it's very easily digestible. Thursday is also a very just user-friendly experience. Tell me a little bit more about the Garmin Explorer app because this is something I've been hearing about and there's one there's one key feature that you've already mentioned and that is the ability to track you could see your dogs track on the phone the way I'm thinking about this is not so much for the the Handler with the alpha 200. Does this game to play if I'm taking somebody else out and I've got a friend can they all of a sudden get the Garment Explorer app and track my dogs on their phone or would that not work if they don't have the hand-held? Yeah, so you have to say you have to be within a certain range for the handheld right? And so it kind of tethers in two different things. So the Explorer app is using it in a couple of we have a couple different ones. It's a free app you can download off. For off-grid navigation, you've got you can you know easily trip plan thru waypoints everything like that you download satellite image. You can download satellite imagery. It's really robust and those directly off of your wage. And so it's just an enhanced experience mapping everything like that right on your phone itself. You can also sink into it with different products. Like I said with the 200 I you have the ability to laugh track a dogs off and stuff like that. So if you so choose like hey, I'm going to throw my handheld in the pack. I'm going to track directly off that you can go from it another continual advancement in technology and the grammar school system. I guess we talked about the watch as we talked about the alpha garmin's got a full line of I mean, you got the Delta Upland training collars, you got all kinds of stuff. I do need almost forgot talking about colors. I need to ask you this and you've probably been asked this before when it comes to grouse hunting there's a thing about beepers and I know that the the Garmin Alpha traditionally has not had a beeper and I juice. I think I'm going to cut you off in the past. All right going out have an Upland Bieber on it. I know I know yes. Yes, but what I want to get at is kind of the the thought process and I you know, whether it's a weather wherever this decision is made. I mean I get it I'm just like I'm only throwing this out there because I'm a grouse Hunter and I still appreciate a beeper and Garmin makes it be per they have a beeper and gave me personally. I know it's like down the priority list for houndsmen and people that hung out west and everything else. But if garmin's GPS collar had the ability to integrate a paper or add one in I would get value out of that. So that's why I bring it up, but I know that you know some things some things hit the chopping block. I mean, do you have any thoughts on it or like can you give us any insight there Nick? I wish I had. I wish I had this something that I could just wave. And here we go. Here's an Oakland be for a couple different thoughts are either. It's like there are beepers that are compatible with other collars, but when you think about it that the the GPS collars a lot of birth Work on completely separate systems. And so the existing ones don't integrate into it. That's just a limitation of the functionality of it. I'm not trying to sidestep this question whatsoever. What I would also say with it is like Nick is a grouse Hunter like, you know, you know bells and beepers. Like I know that's those are the things, you know, yeah, but I do think that there's a certain amount and again, I'm not trying to sidestep I guess what I would say is first and foremost, it doesn't that technology or that unit that we've got doesn't integrate into it. The other side of it I would say is I I personally I've never been I've never been a huge fan. I used to run a bell for a while, but I never really I've never been a fan of them and I know this sounds like you know blasphemy in some world so long, please take this is value,.

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