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Talked about is, is Larry jobs done is he's not getting a lot of separation? Well, I'm glad you said that because he's not even leading receiver for the Carlton. It's Christian Kirk. I don't have its yield has broken over forty yards receiving any game this year in Christian Kirk, the leading has only three hundred eleven yards on twenty five receptions one touchdown. That's who should be your leading receiver. And then. He looked at me and you'll Sanders has forty receptions over five, seven, very good season. No Sanders is having it definitely against hundred yards receiving in two touchdowns. That's a pretty good like and speaking of the Broncos we've seen Damaris Thomas actually loose naps. He's actually not the second guy on the receiving corps with the most snaps. It's actually court Sutton, their rookie wide receiver. So divinity wanna give him more time. I think they wanna see what he can really do manuals been the consistent one. He's been there. I think case keenum centers have like this. I think when you see a quarterback go to a team for the first time, you see who's his Goto zander's is him him. That's number one. But then you're looking at points per game. The Broncos have twenty points for game. That's not bad. That's roughly roughly three to two touchdowns in too bad, and it's not good. It's just is what is thirteen point? Seven points now that's bad. That's bad. Yeah, that was he want to look at their points allowed prog- I would actually say both are bad, but one is obviously considerably worse can win with twenty. You can to winter teen. You wanna look at their points allowed per game. Yeah. Go ahead. Who do you think has more points per game? Denver Denver has twenty five point. Seven points allowed per game in the areas wanna colonels twenty three point two points per game. Yeah, because this is not a defensive metric by the Broncos all though they were impressive against the chiefs. Say they're defense held the chiefs mostly mostly in chick or the Rams I should say. But the jets really gashed him like the jets really put it was brutal. The watch it was slot. But looking at this in looking at all these stats here, this game is not good. Awesome seems not good on paper by any racist down. Mark Sousa says that this game will be sneaky. Maybe because their defenses are sewn inept. The only thing that could make this game betters. If the brought to gone was still on Denver. It's fine. I'm going gonna say anything about that anymore. But by the way, did you hear that he's getting started this week? Guess he is. We'll get more on that then in the latest segments because that deserves a whole conversation itself. I, I agree. But looking, do you have a man crush on Aswa? They don't you. They've Brock rustic, I'm like, all right. Let's move on. Let's talk about tonight though. I think it's going to be a sneaky game, honestly, because you got. I get it. These teams aren't good, but this game has a potential to be good because you have the Branca's can't stop the run. The kernels need a Git right game. We're comes to running the football game. David Johnson might have himself dandy, he might have himself means it ninety two carries. You don't have three hundred yards and you should take yoga Johnson one hundred and thirty seven yards, rushing and two touchdowns. So you're saying he's gonna almost hundred and seventy five total yards for David Jones. So you're saying he's gonna basically double his his stats. Yes. Okay. I mean, that's a big possibility. But when my number one running back, his getting ninety, two carries which he should be giving them any carries granted, but he's only getting two hundred ninety seven yards. Is that his phone or is that his offense alliance fault zone, offensive line, one hundred percent. So you don't. You don't give David Johnson any of this blame. I actually think that David Johnson's been not as impressive as saquon Barkley, but there are a lot of runs where he doesn't show up in the box or he'll get like five or six yard run, and then I'll go back to look at the highlights and I'll look at the games and it's like, okay, he got a six yard run, but he broke four tackles like the dude is getting hit behind the line..

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