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Trash and drug paraphernalia at henry jackson park though swanson and some volunteers made that disturbing discovery shock to be hidden there that was kind of a shock in the park swanson says she i thought it was a toy when it actually fell out of my grabber that's when i noticed the heaviness of it fortunately it was not loaded after she called nine one one thirties picked it up scoot komo suzanne phan reporting king county deputies arresting an armed and dangerous man that they had been searching for an alert metro bus driver spotted twenty year old isaiah wizard yesterday afternoon at shoreline and called police when he got off the bus on aurora avenue the suspect has multiple warrants out for his arrest komo news time eleven eleven the family of a murder tacoma ten eleven rather a family of a murder tacoma taxi driver now sharing his story as a nineteen year old suspect sits behind bars komo's gade cohen spoke with him piece of david and tammy call is missing for two days he lost his dad she lost her ex husband and dear friend finally just sinking in that he's gone bad early thursday morning fifty four year old robert crawl known as big dave was found shot and killed on a tacoma street beside the taxi cab he drives is very awesome person very outgoing loving caring funny give you the shirt back anybody if he could tacoma police quickly released tim age of a male suspect today arrested a nineteen year old who's now in the pierce county jail facing charges for robbery and murder they got him i was so excited i just read it around how wt screaming that could believe komo's gade cohen reporting it's ten twelve title check in at the sports desk down as.

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