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Riot town if we take chain by itself and we isolated from any context from any external bryant. It is simply an emotion. A human emotion right in when we take that emotion. We projected onto albuquerque for example to ourselves for example. That's when we take shame isn't immersion. Intended into something faw biegel right. It becomes an experience and depending what we do with it. Right depends on how we experience it case. I wanna truly tap into your hot k. It's my intention to help you understand that. Obviously you know. Beauty is bigger than a buddy show lack we nor this we own Intellect surely we understand this year. But how can we truly feel in appreciate this medically internally aren't how can we tap into the pot of at body that if she felt it. It would office support in those times when shame is present rats. I'm not here to teach you how to release body. Shame because on so learning myself. But i do nor shame. Teach about shame. I teach about emotional intimacy in regulation. I teach emotions as energy and how to work with them rant. It's something i'm really truly. Sorry deeply passionate about k. So i am here to help you understand how we can learn to judge comparisons less than y body shaming something. We experienced right. Which you know in episode daddy when i speak about diet coke job right since speaking about that topic of even Appreciated even more. You are especially when we are talking in the context of body shame. It's a really nice to understand the ways in which we've developed these really curry dependent relationships on diets and exercise and just the whole culture of Plans in progress in in moving towards something in being on track in having all these different ways different elements in things in our lives that somehow dictate whether or not we are worthy enough good enough on the right track right so i think if you haven't listened to episode that it would be really nice to just get a little bit of an understanding about die. Culture need to now. But it's i think it would be nice to move through that at some stage right now. Honored nari that. I'll ever have moments in my life with. Shane doesn't wash me. When i'm trying on a new outfit right or before my period begins when my belly is a little bit. More bloated in my thighs have a little bit more cellulite in the day before just went amount of salts like sometimes i just have moments where i'm just going through something and i have my processes Hoy's need to understand why i'm going through something. I always make space for that. As best i can write bit. You're it just reminds me of how human we are human. And i've been on the old different types of stress and things like that and things have been going differently than usual. Oh you know. I'm going through a period of my life where i'm growing arm evolving. I'm noticing different fears arising in me. I'm slowly tapping into them and just creating more remember spiced them right like i don't know that will ever be moments in my life. Where shame just isn't existence. It's it's doesn't wash the me. Because i'm experiencing something in my life whether that's something physical something internal something external something relationships something you might business right all of these things tardily can dictate in our. How vulnerable i am to sort of shaming myself and my body right and this happens because i'm human rat it happens because i'm human right and or have been distant from practices ryan. Life has swallowed me out. Because i'm human right and honestly cannot say that that will be me. I really don't feel personally for me that this should even be the goal. Will the answer that to reach a place where shame dozen touch us. The shame doesn't count reach us. Route a really personally feel that. That is a healthy goal. All the answer a k. And another question that i've been wondering what if we don't have a goal will solution around buddy shame instead we work with our body. Shame daily luckily work without breath and our emotions and a mindset lack. We learn new skills right and that to me that sounds so much more nourishing and even more possible who. I feel really empowered by this idea right. Rather than being a slave victim to a goal and our objective in all likelihood. In if i use my history as a guidepost right it's actually born as a result of feeling shame towards my body right. Sorry the fact that. I feel shame towards my body sometimes has me feeling like i have to work towards something. Have to have a goal or a solution right. But what if we have a goal or a solution what if instead we can be present menashe shame when we can learn to work with it and we can begin to recognize it. Hey because goal like that is only polarizing right. It seems so far away and out of reach and to me. It feels completely unintelligible and that to me. Pack the same energy as body. Shame right like if my goal is never shame about my body again and to truly love the skin. I'm in which is much more than loving your body right. But everytime i feel shame about my buddy after. I've made this pledge. I'm going to make that experience rome right. I'm gonna make myself from going to judge my experience. I'm going to continue in the sokoll. Forever berating myself judging myself fed the shaming myself right so the objective not never feel shame basically perpetuates more shame when we cannot during all simply are unable to meet the objective. Right case are actually having the goal of never feeling about a bodies again. Right is actually perpetuate. More shane right. And there is this really. Does this really deep energy of powerlessness and helplessness. In unworthiness often comes with an objective. Lack that assad from judging ourselves harshly and coming down hot enough cells when we all shame yeah buddy right we were starting stunt wondering how other people do it and then of course we start to wonder what's wrong with us. What's wrong with me. You any start to guess. Well it's it must just mean must just be me on the problem right and it's so isolating right shame. He's actually quite nice leading experience k. Shame in itself wants to wants secrecy at once isolation right. I'm going to break this down soon. Sorry you're feeling a little bit lack. I'm still not sure what shame is and have the stress we get it right Sir for me. Like i will internalize that story in my mind right because shame thrives in secrecy and i will develop a really compelling story that it's just too hard and i will never have that release. I'll never have you know what it is that other people have because my experience doesn't reflect it a. k. So what is the objective wasn't to get rid of or two. Never shame towards your body ever again and instead it was making more room for your shame it was developing more intimacy and understanding of your shame experience ryan instead. It was more love when respect more appreciation for your human experience. We saw far removed disconnected from our human experience that we will do almost anything route to cover up the fact that we are human and that we are feeling human beings with emotions right. So what if it was just permission instead to fuel the shame and stayed with it and ally your head in your heart and your body to dance with it and allies. Is it with some form of curiosity but a shitload of compassion right. I personally believe that. Never wanting to feel shame will trying to transcend body. Shame is the answer. And i don't believe. I don't believe it will ever result in in such things right. Because the more we try transcend are paying transcend ashamed transcend. I suffering riot if god is our goal if our goal is to transcend these things right. Then we just perpetuate the mall right so the goal is being a case where you are in your pain in your suffering in your shame with your body and staying right a byproduct of staying with it and making more room for it is transcendence is evolution is growth k. And honestly you don't really wanna he may say like here is your step to transcending your shame. This is step aced based at sea. Like if you just follow these your sweet right. You don't really want to hear me. Say not as if i got it all figured out. And it's super easy like you're really want that for me or at least i don't want that from anyone because in my experience that just perpetuates earn shame because i can't seem to relate i just can't seem to get their understand. I just feel like again. Something's wrong with me because he this person is saying that. It's easy as possible and i can do it right but it's not happening for me right and i don't know that i believe that this point in my life anyway. Sorry if you have a tendency to break yourself you know that wouldn't that wouldn't be useful. It wouldn't be useful to go on this mission of trying to you. Know voluble transcend. I mean this is really emotional passing In a really simple form okay so instead instead of shed a lot. But instead i want to share with you some inside a doubt shane as an immersion. Right and it's my intention that once you you sort of come to understand. Shame as an emotion as an energy again stepping way back and just exploring shame by itself. Removed from the context of the body. Isolated from your stories in ideas and beliefs in contexts are just as an energy or emotion riot. Then you'll see how when shame is applied to almost any circumstance whether it is the body or relationship or your bank account so the call you drive with a laugh. You label two choices. You're making it has the same essence to it and this is a really nice thing because i will also share a little bit about what to do with your shame or not. Do with your shame right and then you can apply any Context shame is presen- k. So it's not just about the body. It's also just any context where you start to feel shame. Arise so without any context. Shame by itself is simply an emotion. Let's not forget that it's one of our coal primary emotions which means when we feel shame. Rise in our body heat is actually meant to be at. This is being human k. It's one of coal primary emotions. What that means is that it is. It is by itself right it. it's not. It's not an emotion that is a combination of other emotions or at warri for example is something we do with a fee k. Fear is one of our core emotions. Shame is one of our core emotions. Erat it's not a fusion of other emotions it's not an extension of other Extension of shame is aggression. Which is what we often turnout. Shame into when it arises because we're so quick to dismiss. It was so quick to turn into something else. So that we don't have to feel that pang matt vulnerability that nakedness k. So shame by itself is meant to be there right. It's just that we we would not taught these things in school when we're not taught what shame feels like in in in how to work with. It came now. The most obvious thing that comes to mind. When i think about shame in my earn personal experience and experience of experiences of those that i teach encourage is that most people i work with cad not recognized shame rises and what i mean by that and what has been again. I'm reflected back to me. When i was speaking with some of the gaza instagram is that the identification of energy of shame is completely bypassing quickly. Very very quickly like it's automatic. It's ten into something else rats in other words when shame arises in you brought it rises inside your body. It's present you turn into something else right. You tended into anger or aggression before you've even detected that it is shame like with so quick to buy intended into something else will fuse it or extend it into something else on that we don't even recognize that a shame was even avant we don't even recognize that existed to begin with because it's just one of those emotions that feels sorry crippling eqe k. And it feels so heavy when we let ourselves feel it k- and we'll work through this rat serve whenever we're working with any emotion or whatever trying to become intimate within immersion a goal is always recognition and identification of the martian right in the easiest way to identify. Shame is as an energy as sensations in the body right. And what's really important is that we start to identify shame or any abortion for that matter is that we do so. We got the story of why with feeling what with feeling and where it came from and why feeling it right and without displacing responsibility for what we're feeling case of the energy of.

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