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App download it now in quickly the Senate chamber quiet this week an impeachment trial of president trump takes a couple of days off bread par scale the president's campaign manager Gaston justice with judge Jeanine on fox clinch money is pouring in thanks the Democrats who want to be the president for the White House will say look what they're doing today that the radical Democrats with impeachment and I sudden wall to open up we can see Republican congressman Doug Collins from George also a guess on justice with judge Jeanine on fox also touching on the trial of the president they've never had a fair process in for them to actually have the audacity to go any place and say that this is not a fair trial with what came out of the house it ministers and they've just honestly the American people are not watching what's happening the trial picks up against Monday with closing arguments set for Monday and Tuesday and that decisive vote on Wednesday some states joining a global push to stop animals are being used to test cosmetics testing products like lotions shampoos and make up on rabbits mice and rats is cruel and out dated that from a growing number of states that are considering a ban on the sale or import of cosmetics that have been tested on animals California Nevada and Illinois all imposed bans this year those who support the ban are hoping enough states will enforce it to put pressure on the U. S. government to pass a nation wide band and held and China's requirement that most cosmetics sold in that nation undergo testing on animals bite Chinese regulators Christine Persichetti fox news presidential adviser kellyanne Conway claims the biggest dividing US politics is not race or gender it's online first off line she said Saturday night in Kansas do you a favor to all these ms real people who live online bring them to a general like this read some air and meet some people adding she loves off line because it smells better taste better is better she was at a tribute for outgoing senator Robert time Monday afternoon rolled drawn or high.

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