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And looking at the San Leandro. Area. We still have the connector ramp from southbound eighty two to thirty eight shut down your next traffic update at three fifty eight. On the traffic leader, KCBS, KCBS, six day forecast, looking pretty good morning. Clouds near the coast and bay today will give way to sunny skies. It'll be a bit warmer. Today. Highs upper sixties at the beaches. Mid seventies near the bay upper eighties, too low nineties inland Tuesday through Saturday calling for more of the same sunny skies. Highs upper sixties to low seventies at the beaches, mid up or seventies along the bay upper eighties, too, low nineties inland right now in San Francisco, it's fifty five degrees in Pacifica, fifty three degrees in Santa Cruz and Hayward. It's fifty seven degrees. Traffic and weather together on the, it's on all news one zero six nine and AM seven forty KCBS Nick Palmer and never Inger Sohn are. Are at the KCBS editor's desk. KCBS news time is three fifty a photo gallery featuring and Frank has been travelling around the west and open last week. In Oakland KCBS, Bob Butler says he exhibit uses Frank's own words to explain her day to day life during the whole accost photo of narrative some in francs own word about her life and hiding until being sent to Auschwitz Bret Hart. Eighth grader. Rachel Williams is one of the tour guides not a lot of people know, if more people are insensitive and are ignorant and sometimes it's not their fault, and I wanna make, I think it's a good thing to make sure this.

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