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Did you get any pushback, or did you ever get contacted by any of these different industries that you're covering and we concerned at all about that while you're writing these things, you kind of exposing kind of exposing, but I actually you know it's funny I thought about. Should I beat trying to interview people? For All of these and I really didn't I tried. I called F Corporation, which still exists the company that made leaded paint. I, mean not let me let a gas. They ended up moving onto other products they while they sold overseas for a long time, but then they also made a lot of other things, so they still exist, even though their product was banned their only product at the time that they were started was banned in this country, and I called them up, and said so I'm reading this book about corporate denial, and just wondering. You know if you'd like shocked me about later games. and. Just, your silence on the other side of Thorn, and then they were transfer me to somebody else. I would try it again and get silence and. You know then we get disconnected and it became pretty clear to me the beginning that. I! Really it wasn't going to be all that helpful for me to say to ask people, so tell me about what you're in denial of because that that I didn't think that was going to work very well, and and also because my focus was the public debate in. How did it affect society? That's what I ended up focusing on the most. So you know I I wasn't worried about the industry's as I was reading this. I'm a little worried now, but I mean really I'm just quoting them so this point. I don't feel like I'm. Particular risk well just. I mean not even risk but that. W- has there been a reaction by these these interests because their whole thing is about denial right so I would imagine you book. Put out a book about Industrial Strength Denial. You'd get some denial about about. Denying. That may be, but the you know I've picked such big industries in these campaigns are so old that there's nothing particularly newsworthy about saying that you know tobacco companies use. That smoking caused cancer or that. The fossil fuel industry raised all kinds of doubts and denied climate change. was there any controversy about the subject matter in the the topics? Were there any ones that you considered not adding Oh sure? I mean I I was very nervous about slavery, because it is just such an emotionally searing topic and. Because I. Didn't you know I? These are all? Examples of denial. They're all very destructive, but I. I don't want to draw a direct moral equivalency between selling human beings were the the harm so immediate and obvious and selling these other products. I mean it is a different sort of situation. So that was an issue for me, but the denials were so. Fascinating and appalling and revealing that I ended up deciding to include it I was nervous about doing the financial chapter just because that took me out of my comfort zone, and and forced me to learn about collateralized debt obligations and things like that but again that turned out to be such a fascinating topic that I I'm very glad I ended up researching and writing about it. Well listen I'm glad you wrote this book and like I said. This is a subject that's always been bizarrely fascinating and compelling to me since merchants of doubt. And I just think it's just it is such a weird aspect of human beings, just the power of corporation, the deniability. What what what they're able to do, and how they're able to continue doing it. It's very strange so I'm very happy that you wrote this book. Thank you and it was great. Talk to you. It's great talking to you. do you have social media or anything that you'd like? Oh? Yeah Pruitt a lead. I am I have a website. BARBARA FREEZE DOT COM so. I know my kids are GonNa. That's good good. Don't you don't need to go to my website you can. You can just Google the title, and if you're interested in the book you'll, you'll find it. Thank.

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