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The talks were still so strongly and partially present my mind surely based artificially they really made the point that in no way they would support a doug guy dudes now i turn to the trying to show me there were other generations of young people fighting against the same people and they didn't support anything that would help us to the absolutely fantastic and it was my first stroll with chu people from an arabicspeaking in countries short i found it very very strange to have them and it really help be overcome some of the pain of the time and today when you give tours have you talk about those attack so when you're leading tourist down the corner i don't i don't accept what i'ma ask questions i don't want people to get them of vision only similar some many things to be said about mees uh but if they ask questions are under them no my feelings and so what happened how it happened how would you say the city has changed in the last year it's always difficult serving a thing the before littlest sir mm hmm happy that they were perhaps less mining zhawar age you can see that there is still some tension every time there's a strange nozomi these something which is something that could be alshami dressed as a tradition a new since the nineteenth century there is a common shoals at lunchtime and it's very powerful or should they should be earning cash via the that just as reminder that this year's noon and it's it seems to be torchlit anecdotal that ginger into see that people react physically every time they hear it so this is something very precise that shows that there's still some that feeling of of ouari fear so there this little changes in the attitude in terms of security and safety in the whole a little worried how he celebrating bastille day this year gotta no you're not at all mao the thing at home santo at home where the grandchildren years and the rest.

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