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We had a double header last weekend and and Xfinity and truck and I mean my Gosh Yeah. It was pretty wild there for three days. Just nuts, I mean we went from. You know too much pocono to ridiculous too much pocono. Yeah. It's pretty wild, so. Luckily we don't have that kind of crazy weekend ahead of us. Although it's GonNa. Be Pretty. We've got two different layouts at the same track happening over the weekend, so that'd be fun well in two different series. Yeah or three different series. True if you count the series, we don't cover yeah well. I mean I was Gonna absolutely cover that I. Mean Roger Penske owns the series. The owns the track. You got the NASCAR and Indycar together. How cool is that? I suppose that's pretty cool. Wow, you're not as pumped as I am. About I just have to be a little against you I can't just fall in line with whatever you say not on everything. Sometimes it can. Be Good with it. Mission yeah, that's a great thing. It's GONNA be awesome. I can't wait. Permission did I. Did I take away your permission to. Have my own thoughts. I didn't over remember that. I signed the contract I. Remember that happening. Right, but I don't recall those words being at their than chapter five articles six way down in their. Crazy crazy stuff, Hey! We've got so much to talk about on this program. We've got in fact, Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch off for segment to they are going to just crazy. Get US ready for for Indianapolis this coming weekend we've got to you know Kurt Busch Making a seven hundred start, Kevin! Harvick is a winner from last week. Anna Pocono and the indy winner from last year. so lots lots going on with that. We've got Rowdy Dragon are fantasy. Fantasy Nascar Guy later on in the program. We've got Jimmy Johnson crazy news coming up all my Gosh, what a show won't it's it's it's it's packed. It's a pack program as as they have been. Yeah, I mean that's a pretty good point. We've had some pretty solid shows. There's a lot going on. We're making up for a lot of a lot of lost time and man it's been it's been quite a season. It's been quite a year. Year for everyone in general, not just NASCAR but just all around the entire planet of Earth It's been a pretty wild year twenty twenty one. We all remember I think let's hope this continues the the The racing part of that anyway. Right up the other bad snow. That's been happening. That's pretty awful all right well. Why don't we get in Pocono raceway? If if we have time we have let's do that. Yeah, yeah, we probably should. Should, we had double shot by the way of NASCAR. Cup, Tasers Pocono Blue which was on the original schedule this way. It wasn't like we did this out of panic from the covid thing, it was already going to be like this. Yeah, that's a big point to may make. Because we were getting used to the couple races a weekend, double weekends, and all of a sudden this came on, and Oh, it's just you know now it's normal. Yeah and so on Saturday was Denny Hamlin, who finished second Kevin Harvick picked up his first career. Pocono win over Pocono Ace. Didn't a ham on like I just said. Here's Kevin Harvick everybody from Stewart Haas racing has has done a great job. We've had really fast cars. Every time we come to Pocono just hadn't got the victory lane so definitely awesome to get to victory lane today with our Bush Beer Ford is really out of all the men women at at Stewart, Haas racing or everything that they're doing. I know we're bringing really fast. Race parts to the racetrack under really tough circumstances and. The, best part is were capitalizing on them and and getting victory lane so definitely definitely proud of everybody Haas and we've got more from Kevin, harvick double shot of pocono racing and a double shot of Kevin Harvick I'm not doing anymore celebrations it's. With not out there to to celebrate with so until vans come back, I'm not doing on an on the car on doing any of that stuff. Because it just it doesn't feel right, not having my team in Victory Lane, it doesn't feel right with all the emotion from the fans to share your emotion and all the things that you have from. The inside the race car in and be excited about everything that was going on at. Race, you get out to silence so We miss the fans we miss. I missed my team of being able to be right in there with us. Because those are the guys gals that are that are making it happen. It's tough. To. Elbow bumper wave at him and. I didn't mean after the race probably back the on trying to figure out how he's going to make the car better tomorrow so. He's wired so just really out of, but it's definitely definitely a strange strange time, not being able to sit up exciting Harvick's third win of the season fifty second career, and at this point of the weekend he was tied with Denny. Hamlin for the points lead. Is that right? That doesn't seem right. That seems weird, but Harvard has been on a pretty good streak I think he's got top tens and all but one race this year, so I could see it, but that has to be wrong because I have the point standings here after the second race. And he's V new.

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