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Like the same generation as six seven in six and seven phones so it was eight and let you know that if you like the phone in the future as you like to call the tat and then last year they really wasn't murky not like everyone gets the impression that all iphones costs a thousand dollars now put in this secret when called the tin are that does not and it's just it costs two hundred fifty dollars less than one thousand dollars. I see a disaster for you know. It doesn't matter right. It doesn't just probably one but names are important enough enough that when they get it wrong it has effects when they get it right it. Can it can help out a lot. It's not that they'll never saw an iphone. They call it something bad like iphone dumb but you you know if they do get the name right. It can have positive effects and yes. I think this makes sense and kudos to coin has has his handlers on twitter for for being the first services. I think it's very believable and we won't have the x ten confusion this year which is nice yeah. <unk> acts for ten is important in apple's history but i don't know that they've well besides like mac generations in ancient history and i don't. I don't know that they've done like multi number roman number like that like yeah. I think there's no chance of that whereas with ten they do it all the time and that special to them so that's why they did glenn finally ever going extra you know and they they do the namings enough people want accurate annually like whenever the iphone four ask him out people were waiting for an iphone five five after the night from four and when they called it a four everyone knew oh. That's not the the major next. I like the big upgrade that's going to be the next year as iphone and that was true in some ways <hes> by calling it eleven. It's the same reason they didn't call the iphone eight..

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