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Cross Blue shield association is an association of dependent locally operated. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies for many years closing the border would be a prophet making operation at his mar-a-lago resort in Florida yesterday. Trump again demanded that Mexico stop all immigrants from entering the US also warned about migraine caravans and said Mexico could stop them very easily. Trump went on to say that the US has the worst immigration laws. Thanks, the Democrats. And we have the worst. We have the weakest the most pathetic the most laughed at immigration laws anywhere in the world. There the Democrats laws, and I got stuck with them. And I hope congress is going to change rapidly. Trump said the US has run out of room cannot house anymore legal immigrants also called on congress to move quickly to change immigration law. Laws. Meantime, Trump claimed that a massive border wall moving along rapidly. Starbucks is getting rid of the iconic green straw. The coffee giant says it will be switching to the so-called snap on sippy. Lid in Los Angeles area by the summer ficials say the new lids us about ten percent less plastic than a straw and lid combo single. Use straws will be available if the customer wants him, it is one of a handful of cities that will debut the coffee giants new strollers and recyclable lids. The late. Eight matchups are sad for the NC double A tournament on Saturday, schedule third seat, Texas Tech matches up with one seed guns. Aga at the west regional final in Anaheim, while three seed Perdue clashes with one seed Virginia for the south region title in Louisville and on Sunday. It's Michigan state against Duke. And also Auburn will battle Kentucky. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio. United Airlines is telling USC. At wants the drop a sixty nine million dollar naming rights deal for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Kevin trip reports the plan was to rename the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The United Airlines Memorial Coliseum, but many veterans and politicians don't want a corporate label in the name honoring troops USC operates the Coliseum under a long term lease with the city county and state county Commissioner Janice Han is disappointed. United didn't pursue her compromise to sell naming rights for just to the field. USC hopes. United might still agree to Hans idea. United is worried USC won't be able to honor their agreement Kevin trip. NBC News Radio stock in ridesharing company lift is surging more than twenty percent in its initial public. Offering the IPO was priced at seventy two dollars a share before its stock began trading with a pop lift closed the day a little more than eighty seven dollars a share lift beat its rival Uber with its public launch former. World series. MVP? John wetland is under indictment in North Texas for aggravated sexual assault. Denton county grand jury approved the charges this week saying he forced a young relative to perform sexual acts on him from two thousand four to two thousand six Barton. Ville police say the crimes between wetland and a four year old boy happened in their home. New.

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