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I think they certainly it was certainly not the worst story in the key to Time season. Although actually, you know a season I seem to recall quite enjoy there was a season that I got fed up with with dog and it wasn't that one. It was following. What although I said that I did watch this. I did watch city of death and indeed the one of the dialects it home. So it was really the only there after that but for some reason my attention got pulled away wants to be admitted it down to him. You're going to you're going to hide out which stories he didn't see and that was basically it but never had any human human nature. So I never read the book after so I'm gonna have to say that so it's like I'm not going to be able to give you some some very finely argued. Reference if the two two different texts, so I only have only the saw the the TV version but I liked it well enough I thought I thought it's interesting idea that off the doctor becomes a human and and falls in love and and then eventually has to give all that up. It's a little bit. All in the ending the doctor becomes very vindictive and you know, he was he was trying to give him a chance. He said but now that now that they've overstepped the mark That's it. They've really hurt it off which seems I suppose it's some more in tune with the character of of tenants Doctrine in the the latest part part of the area, but it seems a little bit out of step in this life Series 3 to me. But yeah all in all first world war setting creepy scarecrows. So there's still a link but the link between the two is owned now when you ever seen both of them once and right and you're not allowed to you that link again and they're both adaptations of a book, I mean lanzerotti same page about anything to it. This is such a thing as a an anti link. I mean you point out that when the interesting things about human nature is the doctors complete lack of wage. Function with the balance I get a right good come up. And so the end of it. Where is it and retire Grendel famous doesn't die. Don't get locked up. He just jumps the battlements and off into the sunset suit box has moustache to another day. This was a fan of fish. Could it does seem to be some somewhat, you know in accordance with this which one was all all of his? Yes, Tara all of his plots end up with the body walking off into the Sunset Lounge except the ones that don't kind of forgotten that if you've discussed it in-depth on something here in 13 cast I probably wasn't on those episodes because I was always thought is always a way of washing my hair or something whenever you want to use call upon the disgusting. The latest series is such a shame. I'm very disappointed by your apparent apathy that to parts are rigid. I think my favorite new Whose story Well, it's certainly my favorite new Who season and that two-parter..

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