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What is so we talk about this I talk to them when we have these lunches what's so important is that more women do raise their head above the parapet and that we should boldly celebrate our success I'm what we've done with. So keen to play down retreatment. Yeah. But I think it's good for our children to see that particularly out daughters because I mean I. I I think so many parents bring their they're sort of boys up to be brave and the goals to be perfect definitely, and there is no such thing as perfect and you know I see it in the boardrooms see women that sort of get up and expect you are expected to pull the to I've been to off sort meetings with lawyers where they're equal and yet the woman positive like don't do that. but it's something as soon as being your own worst enemy with I. Think. I. Mean Funding Cloud just literally trust me about this morning about how many times I've? Made things really muddy actually confused people with the signals giving because in my head I want to be quite capable, assertive, and Clare an unapologetic as the main thing I'm striving for I, think the older I get it I really want to get there just the desire to apologize for everything all the time I, want to eliminate that from my life I feel like that's really really sets you back if you start off of your sentences with sorry but. Apologizing for things. I don't know. I actually don't know. Woman to women. I look at you and I I'm an all refer you do five children and working at the same time I think is phenomenal. I struggled from time to time having just the one. Well, I think is the same do the same issues? I think it's just Everybody's got different ways manifested but actually, I think the issues of having one is actually very similar. Tommy lots. It's just probably Short change them. More in terms of the time they get..

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