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It does give rise to a deep sense of fulfillment of being true to myself of living life my way. Well, as you mentioned, it's it's the it's the rudder it's going to give you the the right choice to make a believe you. There was another video. I watched this morning in prep for this where it was the choice point. So where you get to a challenge. Ginger life, and now the anxiety or the uncomfortable feeling as you might be feeling in that moment will pull you in a direction you don't want to go. But so you won't have to deal with that. But your values will be pulling you in a direction that will put you in tonight, and I really enjoy there was the the animation for that was fantastic. Because it was just a fork in the road and small been there, we we've we've all been there and seeing that was like, oh great. But the best thing about it is that is leading, you know, Hugh, you have a choice to get better here in that moment, if you choose this way over this way. And of course, once you choose towards, your your values, then that's only gonna make that much easier for you to do it. The next time you have that challenge in front of you for our listeners who had that misconception around goals and values and a lot of our listeners are very goal oriented fame money respect love all those things. How can we help? Them assist them. Find those values. So they're not just so focused on the goal. Well, I think one use will question is the magic wand question. You know, wave a magic wand, you've got all of those goals, achieved you go all the fame money and status and the beautiful body, and whatever it is that you want to achieve and then. Okay. So then how would.

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