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Selling monkey light fingerings with large red lives at appear to be marrying. Black faiths. Oh, no, no, no third dim dim it. Like what we've seen at the African American museum. No. Thank you. In the cone section, right? Yeah. My right over about being Carson for some reason. I don't know why they had them in. It's funny though that. They went monkey ambler face like not just do not to confuse anyone not do you could have just did monkey. We want a black face big lip read lip monkey, okay? Case you might think. Well, maybe it was just a muggy calm down. We need you to know. I mean if people got mad at coolest monkey in the jungle. This shit is beyond zero two hundred ASA hundred. Hundred about about this shit, Lisa bone as daughter explains why she couldn't connect with being black actress Lisa Bonet daughter and singer Lenny Kravitz, twenty nine year old daughter Zoe Kravitz recently did an interview at nylon magazine, which she admitted that she did not know what it meant to be black. She was confused as all get out about her heritage. So instead, she dinner fide with being. Now, let's keep in mind to her credit. Both are payers are biracial Lisa's, white and black and lending mothers African American actress Roxie rocket Roker Helen from the jeffersons TV show and his father was why so is also makes heritage. All right peop- was oh explained. She says. As one of the few black kids and predominantly white school. She remember saying things like I'm just as why does y'all to Klatt? Ooh, ouch. To our classmates identify with white culture. I wanted to fit in. She says, I didn't identify black culture. Like, I didn't like Tyler Perry movies. I wasn't in the hip hop. I like Neil young. But as time went on, her view shifted black culture is so much deeper than that. She says what fortunately that is what was fed through the media. That's what people see that's what I saw. But when I got there, then I got older, and let's to our quest and watch films by Sydney ta her Billie holiday, Nina Simone. I had to brainwash myself. It's my mission, especially as an actress. And the thing is she's not the only one that goes through this a lot of things that a lotta times people have tendency to Shane people, right? They go through this process, but it boils down to white supremacy, and it boils down to your lack of knowledge, and you just not knowing and I've had to lighten up. You know, the older I get the I don't have as much of a harsh stance on certain things have more compassion, but negative you sometimes they don't tell them. They don't like they have to learn their own. And the thing is. There's a lot of people like this aim aiming grown as don't like this, right? I think it is duty to program ourselves because there's nothing wrong with being black. And I I guess I little bit was weirded out by the fact that she says she identified as why and they were like well her parents biracial, but those are black people. You know, I get that people want to be kinda like not committed to that on some like, we thereby ratio there this..

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