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Thanks for joining us by pleasure dan. We're gonna talk about precision medicine contacts and its efforts to use its ability detect biomarkers in the blood to allow for better diagnosis in early interventions in neurologic uncle logic and other conditions. Perhaps we should start with the notion of precision medicine though. what's meant by determine. How big a gulf is there today between medical practices most patients experience it and the potential for precision medicine approach to transform how patients are diagnosed and treated yet. Hey i think the golf is pretty big and we actually call it precision health as opposed to precision medicine mainly because the scope of what we think is possible actually gets into preventing disease were no medicine would ever be needed so the precision health concept is both using medicines that are prescribed in are perfectly suited to really attack. The disease word condition at a person has but also longer term being able to avoid the disease altogether by the way we live our lives and avoiding disease triggers. That many times are what are the the real source of the disease. What do you see as the reason for that gulf. Is that simply a matter of taking the abilities. We have today in crafting. The clinical tools needed to apply them or does it also involve cultural institutional financial barriers. Well you know. I think that it starts normally with that is the ability to reach an achieve something that today's technologies cannot read the once. You have a technology or a vision for a technology that could trance. Trance form healthcare. You then have a lot of these other components that That must be found what you must find a way to reverse that could be that the financial side. It could be the cultural side the adoption. There's so many things that can get in the way of a great technology or technological vision

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