Kevin, Brad Stevens, Red Auerbach discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Right here on the rich eisen show your best guess kevin what a conversation between brad stevens and red auerbach which sound like read it's such a good rent right where the basketball junkie that's the thing i read like playing like basketball who's only two things red light to do and read reg just such a basketball jumped he would love brad stevens i mean he would sit there and talk ball with them you know brad brad why did you do this he gets gives you you know i talked about brad quite a bit whenever i get chance to danny's their brattle fail i was thinking this i was thinking that and that's what red loves thinking man's basketball like you know he just didn't do this to happen stance you did this because you know i saw them funding i saw them switching so i made this adjustment and so redwood love that because reading loved thinking ads basketball and lia read did very much like danny did he got a bunch of players that high at and had high basketball iq so that's what red light does danny likes to read and brad would would have a great relationship because you read loves the talk bath while you just a fun guys goes off all the time it just sit in a chair and talk ball with red but when he started what he did or young and it just it was fascinating to be very interesting guy and i think he and brad would get along wonderfully inhaling red red love guys i think that could see the game and the game and you don't play the game the way they're playing so barring anything unforeseen it looks like we're gonna get the eastern conference finals that we expected prior to the season between the celtics and and the cavs but obviously completely different circumstances.

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