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And bigger washers fantastic the sauce was so good that my dad was dipping his new you are i mean in that was very okay and this restaurant you know my folks got the chicken shaash league which was very good as well roasted chicken thighs with a side of rice very tender the only problem was that came out about ten to fifteen minutes after the other overtures you'll for the family environment that's not a big deal to me but my dad was sitting there will be it while my mom and i were also eating the question to my mind for this restaurant is what is it exactly because the pricing city indicated we wanna be high and we want to have a lawyer will the service here that this is you know i like to say it's a big warm hug with a coral cold war shoulder style to it i appreciate that i went to prague recently and i felt a thing or a night but the food makes up for all of miller kate napoleon it is taking of by out of russian ervin i know it's like these little plus history with the cream and it's like four hundred laywers to rich might knife and fork went right through it there was this year nikki which is fried cheese and then they serve this red current jam with it and you spread it on your cheese and pocket in your mouth paul in advance before you go because sometimes there are birthdays there that's an entire restaurant all right tanya this is your spot wrap it up for us well if you're in the richmond district annually looking for a warm hug and some cold beer go for the leaning tower get some grandma cooking anti here one thing i will note is work on the service the chrome the table i would definitely try that napoleon if i'm in the neighborhood again and have some dessert and to look for you to be there yet and max if you're able to find a parking spot are definitely recommend washington napoleon kkr would definitely go back all right if you would like to try red tavern is located on clemenza street at 23rd avenue in san francisco the telephone number is four one five seven five zero nine zero nine zero it's open every day for lunch and dinner reservations are recommended and the average dinner tab per person without drink around thirty dollars our check please producer tina salter is.

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