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We see in the native American cosmology in terms of a watery abyss or watery underworld in which these beings exist. It isn't really a place of punishment. Like, we see in the biblical concept of the lake of fire. But there's a different type of underworld that is inherent in the oldest Hebrew, cosmology, which can be compared with the concepts where we see in the native American mythology the above world, the Hebrew, cosmology, also divided the cosmos into three basic worlds the above world in Hebrew, cosmology is called sham on the earth. World is Erez and the watery underworld is to home a primordial see. The primordial see in scripture is inhabited with serpent like monsters who seek to destroy mankind. In fact, it before creating the world as we know it God, I defeated and confined the dragons in scripture, this is very similar to some of the Elgon Qian lower in North America. Which tells of a great hero named manna? Bozo who defeated the underworld monsters and banished to the underworld before the creation of mankind. One name for the biblical great serpents is Rahab in job chapter nine and twenty six it is explained that God waged war against Rahab in his servants from the deep in Isaiah chapter. Fifty one y'all way is said to have defeated Rahab and commanded power over the seas of the great deep. But probably the most popular name well known name for the underworld serpent in Hebrew, cosmology is leviathan which in Hebrew is low. Hawaiian? Then is another adversary of God described as a dragon her great serpent dwelling in the depths of the sea. And then psalm seventy four to score five for crushing the heads of the sea dragons and leviathan..

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