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Watching peacock there got a kick out of brent musburger fellow montana and there Feeding a making making rich. Laugh his little heart out there Got got some problems. Got the problems. All right Our next guest host a tv show from time to time here on peacock called the rich eisen show. I am ryan leaf filling in for rich eisen right now. We're going to welcome him from the east coast. He's spent the last two weeks covering the olympic games. What's up rich. How we doing jen shower. You we're good man. we're good thanks for the thanks for the opportunity again. Man appreciate it ryan lease all. What are you guys talk. Well talk to me and talk to me a little bit about this I'm interested so they got they got host. This highlight this olympic highlight. Show call tokyo goal. This is this is a chance for you to kind of back into your sportscenter. Your sportscenter days. Yeah back in the day when i was doing Rose bowl. I liked ryan leaf. I'm back in the. I'm hitting a way back machine and Yeah like today was just you know really like old. School came on light after a huge event. Which was the women's soccer team taking on the netherlands. you know. Burn the studio getting ready for the show. And i like coming in archery and And other things were for taking a look at that. We all had a pause and we all had to watch the women In extra time and then lining up from penalty kicks in the first ever first knockout kings of the olympics. And it's just so intense and then you know you're seeing everything and watching it and then forty minutes later you're doing Highlight with paperwork. of the highlight which is called a shot cheap where the production staff puts the highlights. And you write down. You know shop one. Is you know. Gold shot to resist and you know You're getting an attitude about three minutes before trump hair doing the highlights. It's been a long time. Certainly when it's a big event and that was just the match a big game and it's just so grateful watch big time athletes will been before. Just come through it. You know i it. You're worried like normally about apparently check. But when it's alex. Morgan meghan repeat they got and it's you know obviously you never know but it was great. It was just awesome. That was the lead jovovich loss. Today there's no golden slam would have been the first to do that. You know a grand slam lost. The gold medal in the olympics. Only need to do is win the gold medal here and then the us open a couple of weeks and he got found You know you'll olympic gall swimming All of it. It's just been awesome. It's been dynamite. let's right it's been great. It's been fun to watch You certainly feeling your you look in your elements fun to branch out there. Little things you've been with the nfl network and doing your show here for so long We've had some some great guests on today. There's a lot of sporting news but again what drives the car is the nfl and carson wentz his injury today Was disclosed that. It's going to be more of an indefinite one two rookie quarterbacks now getting them with the reps for indianapolis they were picked to be the team that That was was going to make a run for the super bowl. Out of the south. With ryan ballard and frank racking them getting their quarterback. What what's been your take away from this news today. I guess we'll see right injury and it's one of those definite that's got the You know it's got the the french doctors named frank written all over it. But your hope it's not you know and so you hope it's not something that that would be the major huge blow the whole season type thing for them. And you know you have to sit here. And wonder if there are other quarterbacks that are sitting around like would you if you are frank reich. Say the first thing i would do would call the chicago. Bears and say like an poultry. Be amazing it falls comes in for an injured once and takes the colts all the way to like. That's the first thing. I thought of to be honest with you right at who's available who could be. Sam bradford type guy You know what you'd be fascinating. You know another eagles quarterback that who could be that guy sitting around waiting for which can be his team does not really need him or require him to be far far chart and the guys there is false but let's not get too far ahead ourselves. Let's see what indefinite really need but indefinite turns into season ender. Literally that's first call. You gotta make the chicago. And say let's run it back with frank reich and nick foles and and see how it goes which is clearly not what colts want and the interesting thing is. This would hurt the eagles as well. If wednesday's out for a long time 'cause that would not turn into a one. We were all just assuming that the pig that That the cold scott whereas condition which one because once caps. But i could be getting way ahead of ourselves. This could be cart before holt young. Know so we'll see how that goes. We had an interesting conversation with steve. Y share just a little while ago around What quarterback has the most pressure on them and names like carson. Wentz was out there to a tongue of a lower aaron rodgers and threw through one in there that i thought was was very meaningful because of how big the trade was How good the team's been under. Jared goff but i i think matthew stafford has an incredible amount of pressure on his shoulders to make this team a super bowl contender immediately. Otherwise i don't necessarily know with only two years on that contract left. If if anybody has any more pressure than him going into the season why. I think the pressure is is is that are you know usually sure machine car obviously converse. You know most of their opportunity and jalen hurts. 'cause you're just looking at those guys that and saying this is the sean if they don't do it this year going to get made their temper authors or philadelphia shawn watson. Something like that could be done sooner rather than later. His from matters enough from cleared up in a way that you don't see right now you know i. I think i think the staff situation with can't inker skater. Hurts holding 'cause brockman you know i've been looking at you once every thank god that tell you i know you really want him and fantasy and now to the point where the point where you know. I think i stopped talking about him because they didn't want anybody to my league. You know those guys don't want to doing which they don't But anyway I'm i'm nervous about that about the running game and you know donald henderson. I guess it's not even gonna to talk to the preseason. 'cause i gotta keep up. So they're run. Game is something that works for me was one of the reasons why And then and hopefully will hold up is if the online doesn't hold up in the london doesn't materialize. Well then that's going to be sworn disappointment for staffer. That is now something looking at of the rams. I'm curious to see other situations. Quarterbacks and ghetto will lance Actually be your immune question is was the actual. Kohl's jimmy chain over minutes a couple of weeks. Will you know justin feel show up and show train. Can't move back will you know..

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