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A new book called a reporter's life. it's a beautiful book that chronicles his life as a newsman. You speak in the book. Reports life about your first encounter with racism. Oh my gosh. it's it was traumatic lasted with me since we moved to houston texas from kansas city. When i was ten years old. And they're i'm sure it's a black problem. If you call it a problem there must have been obviously but it did. There weren't that many americans there and was i wasn't aware of it at all. I think i knew one very nice. African american worked from my grandfather's drugstore kansas. If we moved to houston kansas city got to houston and the very second night where there my father was a dentist His sponsored brought him down there to be in the office with a and a teacher to dental college there. had dinner out at a very fancy residential area of houston wherever out and there that time it'd never conditioning didn't have freezers. Can believe it or not. You call it the drugstore. You got ice cream delivered. After dinner and the delivery boys were all black motorcycle. The boys we were sitting on the front porch having a nice talk with dr smith. I'll call him. I wouldn't want to embarrass any ayers. Yeah sure it should embarrass him to wooden than at any rate. The boy came on the on the motorcycle and he was a boy. Not not a man maybe seventy seventy and he obviously was looking for a way to get to the back door at a flashlight looking around and there was a new subdivision. That didn't have the kind of normal driveways. You'd have that kind of a strange entrance to an alleyway. Couldn't find it and finally he started walking up this long front walk to the front porch. And dr smith is sitting there in iraq. Or i'll remember and as the boy started up the walkway. Every step void took. Smith would move forward just a little another inch or two and you could feel tension building but i had no idea why and the boy came and as he put his foot on the step for one of the four steps coming up with the porch speth came out of his seat. Like polaris missile with his hand already. Cocked in a fist. And he hit him in the middle of the face. Middle of the face knocked him back onto the onto the grass ice cream flying out of his hand of course in the sack and he said excuse horrible word but he said that'll teach you nigger. Never put your foot on a white man's front porch. Well that did that did it. I was just watching this amazing scene of forty import of it did strike me at the moment but horrible to see anybody hit. I don't think i've ever seen anybody get before like that. My father though. Got up and said walter hudson. We're leaving and started down the front steps. And dr smith said. Wait a win. Well what's the matter what what's the matter. He didn't no matter. Even my father said we're leaving and he said i'll get my car. I got my car other than answering. Wouldn't answer we walked out into the dark of strange city. Strange neighborhood away from the downtown section where we were staying hotel and walked down that street. My father seething and my mother saying what are we gonna do. What are we going to. Do you know out in this dark area. We waited for the past a couple of houses. Open there'd be a light there. We could call a car or something and find one. Went to shepherd drive and hitched a ride. Finally getting downtown and it was only. In retrospect that i realized i would never prouder my father then that moment but gave.

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