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Yeah. The car payments. So we were we were pretty normal a little bit of everything. Wow. All right. How long have you guys been married? Eight years. Okay. So what happened twenty three months ago? The flip the switch, and you went I wanna be weird. I don't wanna be normal anymore. Well, we bought a brand new house about two and a half years ago, and it was a big old house. So at the big old house comes bigger bills. And of course, a lot of renovations we had. And so our solution to that was to finance everything. So new appliances charged it paint on the walls charged it everything down to the carpet on the floor. We charge and after a little bit. I remember one day just standing at my kitchen sink, washing dishes worrying about how much water I was using. And how was the point that I thought enough is enough I need to find a way for us to get control of our money. And that's where you came in. And I found the total money makeover read it in a day and talk nonstop about it to call in. And then he got on board as soon as we got the audio book for him. And that was got the audio book from the local library and listened to it in the car on the way to and from work every day until I was done with it. Clue. So from there, we we had never combined finances before, but we had been married almost six years. And so that was one of our biggest struggles was just getting started. So we combined finances we figured out everything got on a budget and from there, we took off cool. Well, why did you go on? Twenty three months later, boom, you're done. We kept good now can be a blessing to us a curse we love it. And it's the house that will raise our children in. And so we just needed to make some changes to get to that point. We will show. What do you tell people to key to getting out of that? If you pay off fifty three thousand dollars in twenty three months, what was the secret? I think it was setting the priorities. So at first priority was fixing up the house and making it look good. And then our priority was getting out of debt in our priority is building our future. So it's just setting those clear priorities and another big thing was just communication communication was huge. Just staying focused too. You know, we knew what the goal was. And we knew we wanted to work hard to get there. So we did what we had to do to get there. Yeah. Deal. Well, done good. Very very cool. What was the hardest part for you guys. I think it was combining finances. I am definitely the saver. And he. Absolutely. So we were both a little embarrassed. I was kind of hoarding money for security, and he was spending money freely. So it was a challenge for us to finally put it all together to see how much debt we had actually accumulated. What was that meeting like? A long drawn out. Not so happy. Yeah. Yeah. Mation everything once we got on the same page, though. Jay, we haven't had an argument about money since we got on that same page and just for our relationship. What it's done for us to be to be on this plan and to be on the same page. It's just made all the difference in the world. Yeah. It really it improved. Our marriage her communications, much better. It's just been been a blessing. Just just paying everything off and not having to worry anymore. So why did it go? You guys. Congratulations. Thanks, very very proud of you. Excellent. Excellent job. Did you have people cheering you on? Or did you have people detracting we had a little bit of both? I we were pretty private about it. And we didn't tell a lot of our family and friends. So when they saw us making these big lifestyle changes, I think they just thought we were broke. And we were but not in the sense that everyone kind of thought to do different. But now we have a lot of people cheering from us all over the country. So we have a lot of cheerleaders. Now. I want you win. It's easy to cheer. Cheers, the winner. Congratulations. Thank you got a copy of Chris Hogan's, retire inspired book. None. Of course, that's what we want that to be the next chapter in your story that you become not only debt free. But now millionaires and be on the millionaire theme or one of these days, absolutely Bellevue. That generous along the way you brought the kiddos with you. Names and ages. This is Gavin. He's five and Haley. She just turned three. All right. Very cool. Well, wait ago. You guys are good looking family. Congratulations. Thank you. All right, Colin and jail. Gavin and Haley Erie, Pennsylvania, fifty three thousand dollars paid off in twenty three months making ninety to one hundred counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream ready three. One. Down. Go awesome. Very very very well done. Well, that's how you do it right there. There's.

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