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The U. S. rallied on behalf of St Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner a day after she filed a federal lawsuit claiming a racist conspiracy to force her out of office CBS news correspondent Alison Keyes US route tells us Gardner didn't attend the event garden or the first ever black circuit attorney in Saint Louis accuses the city police union and others of blocking her efforts to reform racist practices Suffolk County Massachusetts DA Rachel Rolland says she too has gotten Pushe back when people that look like me demand change they call us radicals but Jeff ward of with the Saint Louis police officers association says the problem is Gartner's policies not a race she's proven herself to be incapable of of discharging our duties in office she needs to go Allison Keyes CBS news school officials say a student has been shot to death at a Texas high school and a suspect was arrested hours later grin need lay from interim superintendent of the Houston Independent School District confirm the victim of this afternoon shooting at Bellaire high school had died the district later issued a statement that Wednesday classes at the school were canceled a west land man has been charged with the August murder of a woman in his home but as we hear from W. W. J. legal analyst Charlie lane did the defendant's lawyer says the charge doesn't fit was it a motor or just a friend of disposing of a dead friends a body bond denied and a not guilty plea under for twenty six year old ebony cal salute in west when District Court was Lampley say that he killed twenty three year old alluvial Rossi in August police say them to the two went to castles home had sex did drugs then got into some kind of an argument or castle loot shocked Rossi to death either disposed of her body guess lots attorney Randall upshot was a point that yes he's been in jail for five months they want to add a charge of murder murder is not what happened a young lady passed away and we all sad about that but it was a murder if convicted absolutely is looking at up to a life in prison without parole his next court date will be January twenty third outside the west Lancaster court Charlie Mike didn't W. J. newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. news time ten forty three your eye on health sponsored by delta dental cancer with your eye on health I'm doctor Deanna lights death rates from cancer fell by two point two percent from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen according to a report by the American cancer society that's the largest single year declining cancer deaths ever reported a drop in deaths from lung cancer played a significant role in the decline why one reason a reduction in smoking doctor Joel apple is an oncologist at DMC Sinai grace hospital not just a decline in the dark gray it's better matters that we have to treat cancer particularly these newer molecularly baster genetic based medication melanoma death rates are also down however the report wasn't all good news the study showed that the death rate to weren't improving for other common cancers like colon cancer and breast cancer with your eye and health from the delta dental health desk Dr T. analytes WWJ newsradio nine fifty let's face it most new year's resolutions are hard to keep get more exercise save more money well here's a resolution.

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